Short term computer courses have many advantages. First of all, the course duration is less,

making it possible to complete the course quickly and take up a job soon after it. Another

main advantage is that short-term courses can be pursued along with the main course (like

schooling program). There are a number of computer institutes across India offering such

courses. Thus, finding an institute near your location won’t be much of a problem! They sure

will help you gain new skills and knowledge and even a job, based on your aptitude. Typical

short term course lasts for the duration of 3-6 months. Sometimes the duration could even be less

than that. The course could lead to a Diploma or Certification.

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Digital Marketing is a vast and wide field. It covers topics such as- SEO, Content writing,

Content Marketing, Social Media, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Lead generation,

Analytics, A/B testing, SMO, Brand management etc. When it comes to Digital Marketing

course, there are two popular formats available in India- online and offline. An online course can

be pursued right from your own home. Offline course means the traditional classroom

approach. Classroom course may last for a period of 3-6 months. Diploma and certificate

courses are offered by Digital Marketing institutes in India.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is all about using techniques to boost the rank

of websites and other web entities in the search engine results page. It is one such field that is

evolving constantly. Ranking techniques and methods become outdated quickly. New

techniques are introduced frequently. This is the main reason why skilled SEO professionals

are in huge demand and are paid well.


Graphic design is one such discipline which has applications in many other fields. Typical

short term graphic design course lasts for a period of 6 months. There are shorter versions of

the course available too (like 3 months long certification course). The course usually covers

topics such as- image editing and enhancing, editing software programs (Adobe Photoshop,

Illustrator etc), sketching, logo designing, UI designing, and printing technology. Courses

focusing on the subsections of graphic design field like Photoshop specialist course also exist.

It focuses on the editing software Adobe Photoshop. Other notable specializations are-

Animation and Multimedia, Digital Photography etc.


Animation and Multimedia have become a field of specialization these days. It is a part of the

Graphics design field. But, as of now, more and more students are pursuing Animation and

Multimedia as a specialization course. The long term Degree course related to this field is-

B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia. For those interested in short course format, there exists

Diploma and certification programs too. Animation and Multimedia course cover topics

such as- VFX and VFX Pro, Basics of Animation, Film Design and Animation, Game Design

and Animation, Multimedia design etc.


This short term course (3-6 months long) deals with creation and maintenance of websites,

blogs, and E-commerce sites. The two main topics that this course deals with is- web scripting

and graphics & multimedia. The course also covers other technical aspects like CMSs,

Hosting and Servers etc. Both these sections are important in creating visually stunning and

high performing websites and other web entities. Web scripting section covers topics such as-

web editors, HTML, CSS, PHP, PERL, Java, and JavaScript. Graphics section covers the

basics of Graphics design, animation, and multimedia.

With the demand of internet rising in India, the web designing trade is all set to get a big

boost! More and more e-commerce sites and businesses are entering the world wide web

space in a bid to enhance the size of their businesses. In this scenario, skilled web designers

will be able to find good jobs in design agencies. They may also work as freelancers.

Pursuing a long and detailed web designing course will help you land a job in good

companies. Short term course will help you gain new skills and you may start taking up

freelancing gigs after completing the course.


In simple terms, a computer programming language is a language used to write computer

programs. Some popular and most used programming languages are- C, C++, Java, Python,

JavaScript, Hack, ASP.NET, Perl, Ruby, PHP, SQL etc. Learning a programming language

has many advantages. You may specialize in one language or try your hands at more than one

language. One might job opportunity as a software developer. Short courses related to this

last for 6 months. But the short course will provide only basic knowledge. Skilled programmers

will be able to find a job in many areas such as tech start-ups, companies belonging to the

technology sector, teaching jobs, independent software development etc.

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