Scope of freelancers in India

Freelancing is for those who like to be their own boss and work on their own terms. It is risky, yes but the risks do pay off well in the form of an easy life, strong connections and good money… if you have what is takes.

We at Truelancer strongly believe that the time or the Indian Freelancer has never been better. With the corporate Indian work culture at its peak, more and more people are moving towards the freelancing scene with a scope of freedom and peace in their mind. We have to admit that the Indian corporate scene is killing the life out of the adult with no thrill or adventure to experience and fostering mundane lives filled with frustration and petty ambition

But is it that easy for the Indian youth to change gears and delve into the insecure and adventurous life of freelancing?

Do we have that risk taking capability or have we adapted to the secure and boring lives at the office under the nose of your leaders and managers?


One wonders what the opportunities that surround freelancing in India are. Well, freelancing has been going on for quite some time around here if you didn’t notice.

Any independent worker, who has clients and receives work, is a freelancer, irrespective of the fact that he may or may not be associated to an internet platform.

Most Chartered Accountants in India have their own small and large firms and operate on an independent basis. Freelancing is rampant in the Fashion industry where new quality designers earn a little (or a lot extra) by taking up some independent contracted work. In essence, all these people are freelancers.

The market has opened up more as internet has revolutionised the entire freelancing scene. Platforms like Truelancer, have made it easy for both clients and freelancers to come together on a virtual common ground, interact and communicate exhaustively and exchange work, connections and money. Thus, we have seen a terrific rise in the quantity and quality of freelancers from diversified portfolios like digital marketing, writing, IT and programming, accounting, graphic design and multimedia etc. The plus point is that these numbers are rapidly increasing.

This can only mean that there is a certain consistent demand for freelancers.


What are the things which are holding us back?


With us Indians, nothing is simple and nothing is easily accomplished or even understood for that matter. There are constraints which keep holding us back from taking advantage of this global phenomenon.  Some of these are:

  • Our basic risk-averse nature

Security, financial and of every other kind is very essential to us. Rather than believing in the high risk high profit principle we tend to shy away and as a result are always sort-of satisfied by the bare optimum results.


  • The Society

Will our parents accept us as freelancers?

I work in a big shot MNC now, what will people say if I quit and start working on my own?

These kind of petty questions are very generic when it comes to influencing the Indian mind set. Corporate branding and societal pressure go hand in hand. The idea of complete self-independence and uninterrupted or disturbed personal space is quite new to us and still in the process of being understood and accepted. Until then, the word and life of an individual or youth is still influenced by a lot of other societal and parental variables.

Hence, there is a lot of potential but there are also constraints.


But, one should not worry as these perceptions are changing as we speak. In these modern times, we are also stepping on the pedal and coming to terms with the modern ways of life and independence.

Thus, the scope for freelancing in India is wonderful nonetheless. There is a rising tide in the demand and a wonderful supply full of talent to balance it out. This makes the economic scene potent with opportunities which could guarantee rapid career growth along with the added bonuses of self-independence, comfort and also security if managed well.

As time progresses and we move into 2015, I hope that the positive inclination towards freelancing increases and thus creates a pool, a virtual market where talented youth can work on their own terms and plan their career and growth by adopting what suits them best.

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