Responsive Static website to be developed that can be edited in dreamweaver

Dear Friends,
We want to develop a responsive static website for our range of products. We have about 7 main products and each of the 7 products have about 30-40 sub products each. The website should be mobile friendly.

The website is to be created to be edited in Dreamweaver. 

There will be 2 Navigation menu.

1. One main navigation will be navigating different pages on the website. This will be a horizontal menu with submenu.

2. The 2nd navigation menu will be on the product page/s. This will be a vertical collapsible menu for each of the product pages. The menu will be created in such a way that, when product A is clicked then all the products of product A will be displayed below. At the bottom of the link the next product B, product C, product D, product E, product F and product G will be visible. When product B is clicked then all the products of product B will be will be visible. the same for rest of 5 products. When the main product A, B, C, D, E, F or G is clicked that particular link will shrink (collapse). Just in case of any more clarification feel free to ask to get it clarified before responding to this post. 

There will be a couple of forms such as contact form and dealer registration form as well. 

The product page is to be created in such a way that only the products content can be printed. Pl. note only the products contents, no other contents of the page is to be printed.  On the top of the product page, there will be title bar PRINT THIS PAGE. Just in case of any more clarification feel free to ask to get it clarified before responding to this post. 

Once the website is developed, we will be interested in SEO also.

Kindly read the post carefully before sending your reply. You are aware that the payment to the Freelancer will be made only after our approval. So we want you to be careful and only those who are fully confident of delivering should respond. 

Those interested can respond mentioning their skype id for discussing the project. 


Web Development

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USB Event Monitoring Tool and Billing

Tool required to measure the data transferred (Copy and Move) through USB Ports and Value it.  it must work on tera copy versions and System copy.  it should work on multiple external devices at a time (6+ Devices) some times.

I. Data Measuring types of Units
A. File Size   B. File Length   C. Quantity of Files

II. Price Category by Tariff like electricity bills                      

File Size   
Up to          10.00 Rs per 1 GB
Between     5.00 Rs Per 1.001 GB to 4.00 GB
After           After 4.00 GB 2.00 Rs Per 1.00 GB

File Length

Up to           10.00 Rs per 60 Minutes
Between      5.00 Rs per 61 Minute to 240 Minutes
After            After 240 Minutes 2.00 Rs per 60 minutes.

Quantity of Files
Up to            10.00 Rs per 40 Files
Between       5.00 Rs per 41 files to 160 files
After             After 160 files 2 Rs per 40 files

All prices and categories (size, length, and quantity) should be editable.
For pricing folder should be user defined from different directories (Multiple infinity).
One folder should be selected for only one price category only (Either size, length or quantity).
Only Cost summary display off and on option required on screen.
Application should be automatically run when PC on as back end .
from developed application any folder selected and price category should be defined.
Over all copy, move and delete activities should be logged and value it. 

Log Details
Event Date and Time
File Name
Event Name (Created, Modified, Deleted, Removed, Renamed To, Renamed From, USB Drive Inserted, USB Drive Removed)
Source Path (From Where File Copied or Moved)
Destination Path (To Path where it is pasted)
File Size (Bytes)
File Length (Time)
Quantity of Files
Unique ID (Alpha or Numeric or Alpha numeric)
Price Estimation
Cost Summary     

1. Price Category all Values should be editable, to change according to requirement.
2. Folder Selection option required for three types of price categories.
3. Unique id for every connected external storage device, for all copied or moved data have same id Should be generated.
4. Output should be open in .xls
5.Every USB data summarized individually and all in one log file. 
 1. Password facility to open tool and editable or forgot.                                     

Desktop Applications

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I need an E-Commerce Website Development in 3 Languages English, Arabic, Russian

Brief: I need a web developer to redesign our existing website from scratch inclusive of providing all contents, design works, relevant images, web development, programing, and creating the ecommerce platform for our products and services inclusive of online booking system and a comprehensive database for managing our products, our services, and most importantly our clients data. 

The website will be done in 3 languages. First, it will be developed in English. When the site is complete and live, we will do 2nd version in Arabic, and then we will do a 3rd version in Russian. We will provide all translations for the English Contents. 

Design Preferences: We are open to good web sites platforms that allow easy content management, future scalability, and top security for our data. Examples but not a must are :

Technology Preferences: Magento / Wordpress + Woo-commerce / Prestashop / OpenCart / Custom (LAMP / MEAN Stack)

User Features:
Shopping Cart
Grid/List View Display
Add to Wishlist
Buyer Account Creation
Payment gateway Integrations
Multiple Currency Support

Admin Features:
Inventory Management
Admin Stats Dashboard
Email Marketing Integration
Clients Management Database
Marketing Database
Stats and Analytics
Integration with Salon Management Software is as

Only qualified developers who have track record experience and samples of previous works may please apply. 



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Matlab, object detection on MSCOCO dataset

I am a computer science student. I am working on matlab, particularly in object detection. My project is about detecting multiple object classes (object classes detection), where the dataset that I am using is MSCOCO. I am looking for help to do this detection, I have tried  matlab Faster RCNN detection method, but I am still facing some errors.

I need the following 1/ get faster rcnn trained on coco dataset, Or 2/ if there is an already trained model (pre-trained model) that I can use it. Accuracy should be high,   I need to have the detection results trained on coco dataset.  

Please note the following: 1/ annotation of coco dataset is originally in .json file, which can be downloaded from the link below 2/ I have converted the annotation from .json to .xml files following the format of PASCAL dataset. 3/ I have access to two servers, where GPUs for both are 1) 2x NVIDIA Tesla K80, and server 2) 2x NVIDIA Tesla K40, they can be used anytime for training. However, if you want to do the training on your side, it is totally up to you.      

Please also note that: I prefer to work only with matlab, but if it cheaper or more efficient to have the training done on any different programming language (e.g., python) I don’t mind, where I need the results to be accessible by matlab, saved in .mat file.  

I am using coco2014, to download dataset, please go to ( )
For further information about Faster RCNN, please have a look at (  

    Thank you very much for your help and time, I am also looking for someone who can do the above described job, plus be with me when needed, because I have just started this project, and I will need further help

The cheaper, the better: I don’t have any budget in mind, but I would say, I am a student, and you can imagine how hard it is to pay for my dairy expenses, so again the cheaper the better.  

Thank you again, Regards, 

Desktop Applications

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Engineering Theory assignment

Section A
1) Let L € {a, b} * be the language corresponding to the regular expression


A- Generate the complete CFG for this and convert to CNF
B- Show the NFA and DFA

2) Show that the CFG given by

S  a | Sa | bSS | SSb | SbS

Is ambiguous.

3) Describe the “halting problem” for Turing machines.
Prove or disprove that halting problem is undecidable
4) Consider the language of simple palindromes (with a ‘c’ in the middle position)

SP = { XCX | X € {a , b}*}

A- What is the least functional FA that can accept this language? Why?
B- Construct the transition table or the state diagram.
C- Process the following through the FA and indicate what happens – abcba , acab , and abc
5) Let L be the language of balanced strings of parentheses, just as they would appear in legal
algebraic expression.
A- Using [ ] as the symbols for the parentheses, show the CFG with its productions.
B- Show the PDA for part ( a ).
C- Show the computations trace for [ [ ] [ ] ].

6) For the language specified by

{ a i b j c k | i >= j or i >= k }
Show that it is a CFL but it is complement is not.

7) Consider the following two language specifications
L1 = AnBnCn = { an bn cn | n belongs to N the set of natural numbers }
L2 = L = { xcx | x € [ a , b}* }
A- What kind of FA is required to accept the two language and why?

B- Show the formal definition for the FA identified in part ( a ) for L1.
C- Show the transition table for part ( b ).

Section B

8) Consider two language L1 and L2 defined as follows:

L1 = { x € (a , b) | Where x contains the substring ab }
L2 = { x € (a , b) | Where x contains the substring bba }
A- Show the state diagram for L1 and L2.
B- Show the optimal FA accepting L1 U L2.

9) Design a TM and show the machine diagram that accept the language defined by:

L = { ai baj | 0 <= i < j }

10) PCP
A- Describe post’s correspondence problem.
B- Is post’s correspondence problem solvable? Explain.
C- Given the following:
A = ( a , abaaa , ab ) and B = ( aaa , ab , b )
As two strings, provide a solution to PCP.


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I need a game developer to build a multi player game

We   are  a  cyber café    shop  owner  .  We   will  want  a  professional  game  developer   who  will  develop  a   game  for  me  for  my  shop  .  It  is  a  strategy  game   where  players  will have  to  play  against  each  other   and  the  best  player  will    have  to  win  the  contest.  It  is  a  project   to    develop  a  strategy  game   that  can  be  played   as  a  competition    between  players.  Players  will  come  to  our  shop,      create  an  account , buy  credits  from  the  counter  sales  girl,  the  sales  girl  will  load   the    credit  to  the  players  account,   with  credit  on  his  account,  player  will  login  to  the  game  console   where  he  will  see   his  credits   and  available  players    ready  to take  part  in  the  competition.   The    logic  of  the  game  will  be   for  a  given  player  to  reach  a    given   goal  or  achieve  a  given  task   first    .  whichever  player  reaches  the  given  goal  or  finishes  the  given  task  will  be  the  winner   of  that   round   competition   The   idea   behind  the    project     is  to  develop  a  game,   players  will  play  as  a  competition   against  other  players    whoever  wins  the  competition  will  go  with  the   cash  prize  .  each   player   will  need  to  bet  an  amount  from  his  account  and    the  total  amount    that  was  betted    will  be  the  prize  the  winner  will  get .   This is  a  game  for  real  money .  This  game  will  have    2    versions .  The  first  version  will  be  a    version  to  be  played  on a  local  network   on  the    café  shop  premises .  It  will  have  a    general  server  that  will  control    the  other  stations .  Each  player  will    sit  on  a  station  to  play .  the    stations  will  use  a  web  interface .  This  is  a  LAN  game    where  players  will  play   against  each   other    on  a  local  network .  Internet connection might   not be needed.   The  second  version  will  be  a  web  based    version  where  players  can  play   against  each  other  over  the  internet       The  game  can  be  any combative  game    where   players  will  need  to  play  against  their  opponents     .  The  winner    gets  the  prize   PLEASE  I  ONLY  NEED    SERIOUS     GAME  DEVELOPERS  TO  BID  ON  THIS  JOB 

Game Development

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Looking for an Expert in Game development a clone of this game http://showcase.codethislab.

I am looking for an Expert   in  game    development,  who  can  create  this  game  clone   It is   a  game  i  need  for  my  casino    shop  where players  need  to  go  and  place  a  bet  on  the  dog  that  they think  will  win  the  race.  All  the  6  dogs  will  have  equal  chance  of  winning  .  In  the  race  only  one  of  the  dog  will  win  the  race .  The  winning  dog  should  be   randomly  choosen  by  the  game  engine.  The  game  will  have  a  web  interface  where  players  will  need  to  login to  place  thier  bet   all  the  players  will  see  the  dogs  the  other  betters placed  at  the  end  of  the  race  the   the  system  will  show  the  winner   and  the   system  will  issue  a  reciept    with  the winning  price  and  the  winners  name 
This   is  a game     for   my  casino  hall   where  players  will  place  bet  on  the  dog  they  think  will  win  the  race . To  play  the  game, player  needs    to  login  on  the  web  interface   and  then  place  thier  bet  on  the  dog  they  think  will  win . 

Developer  should  be  able  to  take  payment  via  western  Union  money  transfer

Game Development

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lgoritmic trading: cryptocurrency simple, triangular, quadrangular arbitrage scraper & centralized t


I am looking for a developer with excellent knowledge in cryptoccurencies algorithmic trading and specifically in simple, triangular and quadrangular arbitrage to develop a scraper that can search for different arbitrage opportunities in different cryptocurrency exchanges.
Eventually, we can setup bots to automatically perform certain trades transactions.

At the moment i am more interested in a decision making system rather than an automated trading bot; therefore we will focus on a price arbitrage searching algorithm and a centralized manual trading platform able to manually send orders to the different exchanges from a single interface


- must be able to continuously scrap up to 20+ exchanges and convert data into native currency $ or Eur and determine the best strategy, pairs, and chain of execution 
- software or web based interface
- must be easily customizable and configurable with a user friendly interface
- must be able to take into account the trade fees, lenght of execution, lenght of fiat / crypto withrdrawal and deposits, exit options, and available liquidity, when making decision
- must be able to add / remove new exchanges easily by adding new JSON / REST API scripts
- must be able to monitor autonomously and propose different options / trades to the user
- must allow centralized trading on a single platform using API 

There are already many arbitrage bots and scrappers out there. I'm looking for reliabilty, accuracy and speed of execution regardless of the programming language chosen.

Finally I want to own the code of this software and have insurance it won’t be resold 

Please add examples of work of the same type that you would have done.

Application Interface Design

More Information

2 Way communication, using IONIC FRAMEWORK + DATABASE + NODEMCU + APK to do very simple things

Application Type: Hybrid Application


This project is about 2 way communication between : ionic framework - Android App - FireBase DataBase - NodeMCU (Wifi). This project should have very simple functionality such as lighting up LEDs in sequence OR Turn ON Specific switches (Light, Fan, etc) using Voice Command.

Programmer should NOT use Android Studio, but using Ionic FrameWork.

After the project is finished, programmer must create a step by step tutorial on how to do this project and briefly explain the functions of coding. The format for softcopy is in .DOC

Programmer also should give details about hardware specification used for the project for the hire to buy

I need this project to finish in 1 week, before 15 December.

*I have attached an image that shows how the project system works!! (The image also is the REQUIREMENT for the project!!)

*The minimum money i can hire is 200 USD, if u can suggest me better and UNIQUE functionality, other than running LED, i will raise the fund more than 250 USD for this project.

Requirements : (As the title written above, the title is the requirements)

1) Database record every data about which LED is turned ON
2) Database record the sequence of LED running pattern
3) All of information should be displayed in the android APK
4) We can control the running LED pattern using Android Smartphone
5) Connect NodeMCU to Android Smartphone

Designs: U can design the project as long ALL requirement met
APIs Status: U decide
Timeline: 1 Week, before 15 december 2017

Send a Proposal if you can do it and I will send a detailed Requirement Documents for further discussion if I shortlist your Proposal. 


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Cinematographer Needed in Bandhura, near Dhaka - Independent Feature Film in Toronto

We're looking for an experienced & well-equipped Cinematographer team for Independent Feature Film to shoot in Bandhura, near Dhaka City, Bangladesh and work with the director remotely located in Toronto, Canada.

• Duration: 2 days (Feb 20 & 21st) of shooting and work with local AD and Director remotely.
• Job Type: Part-time
• Salary: CAD$150 - $250 day depending on experience and own equipment

• Advanced Proficiency operating 4K DSLR cameras as well as Panasonic, Canon Cinema EOS and Sony Camera systems
• Must be Proficiency operating 4K HD: 4096x2160, Aspect Ratio: 1.9:1 
• Advanced Familiarity with LED, fluorescent, and tungsten lighting as well as grip techniques and on-set procedures
• Expertise in the Adobe Suite, particularly Adobe Premiere; knowledge of After Effects is a plus
• Well conversant handing low lighting
• Able to collaborate with a movie director in developing an artistic vision for a film and then producing it.
• Candidate MUST be located Dhaka, Bangladesh
• Must have your OWN transport
Must have own pro level following kits –
• Red Epic, Scarlet, Panasonic GH5, BlackMagic URSA, Sony FS5 XDCAM, etc.
• Lenses – Standard Lens, Cinema Prime Lens, Macro Lens, Cine Ultra Wide Angle Lens
• LCD Monitor
• Tripod with fluid head
• Shoulder rig
• Mics - Rode NTG-4, Sennheiser MKE 600, Rode Blimp Windshields, TASCAM DR-60D Mk II, etc
• Stabilizer - like DJI Ronin Handheld Camera Gimbal, Glide Gear DNA 5050, etc.
• Having Any Drone (DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, etc.) or experience is a plus
• Having Lighting kits is a plus

Project Info:
• Title: “A Father’s Diary”
• Logline: “Suspicions relationship of a teenager girl with another girl from a conservative South Asian family leads into a big domestic violence and catastrophe to the family.”
• Duration: 90 minutes 
• Genre: Drama, Family, Equal Rights, Suspense, Thriller
• Language: English (with 2% subtitle for Bengali)
• Release: 2018.

If matches and you're interested, please send your demo reel to along with your resume & references.

Looking forward to collaborate your talents within our project.


Video Presentations

More Information

I need a 8 page website coded in Laravel Framework

Frontend and Backend HTML will be provided. We might need some help with some HTML modification so HTML5 knowledge is required. We need to see your BEST 3 LARAVEL projects admin backend.

Timeline: Home, Course Listing and Course Detail Page (4 working days)
Full Project Timeline: 8 to 12 working days.
The Home Page and Course Description page needs to be completed in 3 working days.
Laravel backend is required, at least 3 good backend admin portfolio.

Frontend Responsive HTML  will be provided - Need help to edit the HTML Just pulling different page designs together

1. Homepage
- Our Services (Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO Marketing)
- Feature our YouTube Videos (3 or 6 Videos)
- Feature our SkillsFuture Courses (Top 6)
- Testimonials (from Facebook)
- Clients who trusted us
- Follow us on YouTube / Instagram / Facebook
- Free Ebook (Updated every 2 to 3 months) for download (Email, linked to MailerLite)

2. About
- Mission & Values
- Trainers Profile (Used to assign to SkillsFuture Approved Courses Detail Page)
- Giving Back Events (Fund raising events, feature multiple speakers)
- Follow us on YouTube / Instagram / Facebook

3. Services (Service Listing Page + Service Detailed Page, Other Related Services)
- Content Marketing
- Marketing Consultancy
- Digital Marketing Strategy Consultancy
- Facebook Marketing & Advertising
- Email Marketing & Advertising
- SEO Marketing
- Landing Pages
- Social Media Marketing & Advertising
- Digital Marketing & Advertising
- more will be added on...

4. SkillsFuture Approved Courses (Listing Page + Detail Page with Course Registration Form, Google Captcha)
- 1-day Infographics Design & Marketing Course
- 1-day Coding HTML & CSS with Sublime Text
- 1-day Email Marketing with MailerLite
- 1-day Video Content Marketing on Social Media
- 2-day Corporate Video Content Marketing
- 1-day Get Creative with Adobe Photoshop
- 2-day Get Creative with Adobe Photoshop

Form Details: Name as in NRIC: / NRIC: / Mobile: / Email: / Address
** Form Option: Pay with Cash or Pay with SkillsFuture Credits

** Every course detail page will have trainer profile (1 or 2), some courses have 2 trainers, course schedule (Day, Date, Time, Venue), whether course is SkillsFuture Approved, Offer a Free Ebook, Google Map Integration, YouTube iFrame Video Embedding to Course Description, Behind the scenes feature video

5. Giving Back 
- Giving Week Events
- Fund Raising Events
- Venue Sponsor
- Peatix Embedding
- YouTube Embedding

6. Youth Programs (Listing + Detail Page + Form)
- Title, Description
- Trainer Profiles (up to 6)
- Date(s) - some programs are 1-day, 2-days, 4-days, 8-days-16-days, 20-days (flexibility) 
- Video Embedding
- Corporate Sponsors
- Volunteer with Us
- Enquire with Us

7. Careers + Application Form (with Google Captcha)

8. Contact Us (Form + Captcha) + Google Maps Integration for Office Location

** Ebook Banner Management on different pages: Home, Course Detail, Blog (Multiple, linked to different Landing Page URL hosted elsewhere)

* MailerLite Script Integration
* Google Analytics Integration
* HotJar Integration
* HubSpot Form Code Integration
* All Forms on website to have Google Captcha and linked to MailerLite 

** Facebook Followers Integration
** Instagram Feed Integration

** XML SiteMap
** Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Meta Titles for every page (self-management)
** SEO-friendly website, we want to be ranked page 1

a) Ability to add more pages from different main tab/navigation (Services, Courses, Youth Programs)
b) Ability to export all form data captured from website as CSV file
c) Dashboard - how many courses, how many enquiries each course have
d) Ability to mark course enquiry as pending / sign up / no respond
e) Manage Youth Programs
f) Manage Meta Keywords, Description, Page Titles
g) SEO-friendly page URLs according to page titles
h) Ability to edit, delete, add new page content 
i) Ability to manage all API script codes - MailerLite, Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, HotJar, HubSpot, Instagram
j) Manage all social media links, Manage footer details
k) Maximum flexibility in the backend
** Backend Admin HTML will be provided

Let us know if there is anything else we should consider to improve our SEO ranking
Ready to start immediately, and need to see 3 of your admin backend Laravel Portfolio

Provide us your 3 backend admin LARAVEL panel...

- Timeline: 7~10 working days 
- Responsive HTML5 and Admin HTML will be provided.

We're in GMT +0800 timezone, available from 9am to 6pm our time. We need the developer to be available for daily for discussions (if any).

PLEASE ADD US ON SKYPE: skycrm.projects (Let us know you are from TrueLancer)
45 days support from LIVE date, all bugs resolved promptly within 1~2 days without additional fees.

Web Development

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A Platform Jumpimg Game for Cross Platforms

I am looking for a talented Unity programmer for a 2d casual mobile game that I am developing.
The Game: The game play is simple and based on a widely popular proven concept.  
The Gameplay: The gameplay will be pretty similar to a platform jumping game like Doodle Jump. There will be a little bird that will be jumping over platforms going up, up and up. There will be enemy that you will have to kill by hop and bop. There will be moving platforms, breakable platforms, spikes, coins to collects. I have many gameplay features, power up etc. which we will add one at a time.
Platforms: The game will be designed for smart phones and tablets, if possible we will release it for Web too. I am planning to release the game on Android first, if it performs well, I would love to release it on iOS.

The Team: I have assembled a team of 1.    One entrepreneur, designer and producer of the game (me). 2.    One passionate artist (with me), 3.    One novice animator (with me), 4.    One sound developer (remote), 5.    Two voice artists (remote). 6.    I need a programmer to complete the team. I have a solid team, and solid game plan. All of the team members are friendly, competent and passionate. I am looking for an equally friendly, competent and passionate programmer.  If we work diligently, and with love, care and passion, we can make the coolest game the world has ever seen.   Requirements: You will have to help me with the following
1. Guide the artist to design the graphics assets at an appropriate resolution and aspect ration so that the game runs smoothly on major mobile phones and tablets.
2. Integrate sprite sheets (the animator will design the sprite sheets).
3. In app ads and in app purchase integration.
4. Facebook, Twitter social media integration.
5. Leaderboard integration.
6. Debug the code, as bugs are discovered during playtest.
7. Help me publish the game on Google Play (Android). If the game performs well, I have plans to publish it on iOS.

You should have
1. Experience and mastery of Unity.
2. Know C#,
3. Preferably have a computer studies background.
  Budget: I have a small budget from which $500 for the programmer, $200 for the sound developer (I will renegotiate terms with him), $150 for the voice actor, $30 for Google Play registration. The artist and the animator are with me. I will pay them accordingly.

Please do not send an offer if you are a company.
I made the post to discover wonderful dependable people, so that for this and future projects I will have good people to work with.
Thanks for reading.
With good wishes,


More Information

Complete a Price Compare Website using ReHub Theme / Plugin - Content Egg & Affiliate Egg

This is a completion Job - Job is almost done, you will need to complete fully.

It is a very straight forward project. I am creating a price comparison website using the Rehub Wordpress Theme and Content Egg / Affiliate Egg Plugin, see the links below:


Documentation for Theme :


The purpose of the website will be to display products available from different online retailers (like Amazon, Ebay etc ) through affiliate API's.

The project will require the following work:
1. Set up more Pages, Menus , Mega-Menus and Sub-Menus, Categories etc
2. Set up each Affiliate API so website can get product feeds from different stores.
3. Assign categories to the products so that they display in the correct pages on the website.
4. Setup the Autoblogging Plugin to insert Products and auto updates
5. Upload Affiliate Products from XML and CSV  from Merchants
6. Synchronize Products from XML and CSV merchants with Content Egg Products
7. Complete Setup of Header, Footer, and Sidebar (with adverts block)
8. Complete Affiliate Stores setup

Product Page/Post Example -

Category Page Example -

For Total complete job , I need a working price comparison website like sample -  &

- I have already done Hosting 
- I have already done installation of WORDPRESS
- I have already done installation of Theme & Plugins

I have almost done a lot on this job , just need finishing it - that's why Project Price is Low


More Information

IT Recruiter - QA Talent Pool is looking for an experienced IT recruiter

QA Talent Pool is tech start-up company and looking for an individual that has ambition, integrity and a passion for professional and personal growth. Our ideal candidate would be ready and experienced to carry out all duties necessary to expand upon our candidate base throughout North America.
QA Talent Pool is a full service IT staffing firm focusing on QA jobs only. 

 IT Recruiter - Remote - Work from Home  Position: Full-Desk IT Recruiter

Duration: Full-time (Base + commissions) OR Commission only. 

Location: Remote (Work From Home) 

Rate: Salary + Commissions + Bonuses 

Major Responsibilities  ·        
Contact candidates and introduce our services, verify their information and follow-up to make sure their profiles are complete.
Interview and identify top candidates.
Build and sustain a high quality, diverse pipeline of candidates through creative sourcing methods including social media sites, networking events, building partnerships, etc.

Essential Skills:
Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
Strong negotiation skills Positive and resilient attitude
Proven ability to manage multiple, concurrent priorities
Strong problem-solving skills with a continuous improvement mindset
Ability to work effectively in a global team and independently.
Self-motivated and self-starter with the ability to independently resolve issues and deliver results 

Required Skills:
Current/Prior experience in IT Recruiting and working directly with end clients, enjoys working both sides of the desk (3+ years) 
Experience doing cold calls to candidates and has no problem doing industry minimums calls/day in either business development and/or recruiting. 
Experience using sourcing tools, such as Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn 
Must have excellent written and presentation skills 
Setup to work from your home office 

Mandatory Requirements for Remote Workers Home Office:
Fast internet connection (20MB+) 
Good cell phone signal in home office 
Quiet home office with no  distraction

·         Rs 50,000 – 65,000 base + commission. Salary is negotiable based on experience and commission plan is uncapped). 

Employment Type:

Full time 9:30 AM  to 5:30 PM Eastern Time 



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Solidity Expert Needed


**g)** If the refunds are not working as intended that is a major bug. Investors should be able to refund all or some of their tokens purchased during the ICO during the first 100 days from the ICO launch date which is November 27th 12:00 GMT, so March 7th 2018, and receive an 80% Ether refund for those tokens returned, and for a further 50 days (following the first 100 days), so April 26th 2018, they should be able to refund some or all of the tokens purchased for a refund of 40% of the original Ether invested.

**h)** If the minting of tokens does not working as intended, or if tokens are not being immediately being sent to the investor after minting as intended that would be a major bug.

**i)** If the minting of tokens for the Angel Foundation (3 tokens should be minted for the Angel Foundation address: 0xEb685b132bDCb0Bf5241B1c872a1C7A364dF0cbB for every 7 tokens minted for investors) is not working as intended that is a major bug.

**j)** If there is a problem with the pricing ladder/calculation so that tokens are not minted and sent to investors at the intended rate that is a major bug.


**k)** If there are gas issues meaning that the contract is using more gas than needed or required for the calculations it does.

**l)** Other bugs or issues that will or could cause problems for us as a team, or for the investors in the ICO.

*3. Our developer is very busy on a project at the moment, so mostly you will be dealing with an Angel Foundation team member who is a non-developer in this thread. So please excuse my lack of understanding at times, and please try to explain like you would to a 5-year old! :)* 

Looking forward to your comments about the code and any issues/problems you may find.

Scripts & Utilities

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Looking for a Full Stack Developer

We’re a startup looking to develop the first iteration of our web app.
This is a full time position, not a one-off project.
We need a highly motivated, creative, experienced developer to join our team. We’re growing and you will too. Apply for this job if you want to test the boundaries of your skill We’re building a SaaS tool in which users can create optin forms (popups, full page take overs, sidebar forms, slide in popups, etc), quizzes for lead generation, and landing pages. The main value proposition is simplicity and power all in one app. This is not a freelance project. We’re looking for a full stack engineer to join our team and build the app from the ground up. You should be great with PHP, Laravel framework, Google cloud platform, bitbucket, and Trello to start. The app will allow users to create optins and embed them on the pages of their website using a WP plugin or embed code. They’ll also be able to create quizzes in which the results are gated by email address or social sharing. Lastly, we’ll create a landing page builder. Within the platform, users will need to be able to see conversion rate data, total views on optins, landing pages, or quizzes, and information about the subscribers collected. This is a sophisticated project and the backend needs to be well built and scalable. A successful candidate will be
-          Developing the app from the ground up.
-          Integration with payment processor (stripe)
-          Integration with email service providers(for users)
-          UI/UX
-          PHP
-          Javascript
-          Lavarel Framework
-          Wordpress plugin development
-          Amazon EC2
-          Squarespace integration
-          Drupal integration
-          Shopify integration
-          Database setup and maintenance ( Document oriented database - mongoDB)
-          Setting up CVS export feature
-          Cpanel
-          Conversant with English speaking and writing.
Again, this is a full time position and a successful candidate can be expected to grow with the company. All the perks and challenges of a startup will be at your doorstep. 

Web Development

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Compliance Analyst for full time

We need complaince analyst full time role in SwiftSafe. Executes and analyzes the established business unit compliance programs to prevent illegal, unethical, or improper business practices. Update Compliance policies and procedures as needed. Ensure that Compliance Manuals, Front Office Manuals, policies and procedures accurately reflect current laws, rules, other regulatory requirements and management intent. Learns to independently challenge analyses, reviews and recommendations. Identify and define the Compliance program objectives for assigned line(s) of business, products/services and applicable regulations. Communicate and socialize those objectives (from a leadership position) to the business. Coordinate compliance monitoring program and oversee preparation of compliance reports. May serve as a resource regarding compliance impact on such matters as marketing materials and sales programs, product development, document review and other business initiatives. Gathers information for and prepares compliance reports. Identifies issues, escalates through proper governance channels as needed. Understands impact of regulatory developments. Supports key business initiatives by identifying Compliance risks and providing resolutions to manage these risks. Core Competencies Manages Risk - Basic Experience Assesses and effectively manages all of the risks associated with their business objectives and activities to ensure activities are in alignment with the bank's and unit's risk appetite and risk management framework. Customer Focus - Working Experience Knowledge of the values and practices that align customer needs and satisfaction as primary considerations in all business decisions, and ability to leverage that information in creating customized customer solutions. Job Specific Competencies Anti-money Laundering/Sanctions Policies and Procedures - Basic Experience Knowledge of and ability to prevent or report money laundering and Sanctions-related activities in banking and financial services industry. Quality Management - Working Experience Knowledge of quality management methods, tools, and techniques used to create and support an environment that meets the needs of the organization. Problem Solving - Working Experience Knowledge of approaches, tools, techniques for recognizing, anticipating, and resolving organizational, operational or process problems; ability to apply this knowledge appropriately to diverse situations. Accuracy and Attention to Detail - Working Experience Understanding of the necessity and value of accuracy and attention to detail; ability to process information with high levels of accuracy. Internal Controls - Basic Experience Knowledge of and ability to create, implement, evaluate and enhance processes in internal controls. Fraud Management - Working Experience Knowledge of and ability to employ internal controls and to enhance business strategies for the purpose of detecting, correcting and preventing fraudulent activities. AUDIT AND COMPLIANCE FUNCTION - Working Experience Knowledge of and ability to manage the major responsibilities, accountabilities, and organization of the Audit and Compliance (A&C) function or department.

Website Testing

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I need an expert in Buffering Technique

Executive Summary
Most of the software solution for packet capturing engine use circular buffer as temporary storage allocation but it is no longer efficient in high-speed network. Therefore, I proposed Linked List technique to replace the Circular Buffer. The main objective is to reduce packet loss in packet capturing engine.

1) Packet Capture Packet capture is a computer networking term for intercepting a data packet that is crossing or moving over a specific computer network. Once a packet is captured, it is stored temporarily so that it can be analyzed. The packet is inspected to help diagnose and solve network problems and determine whether network security policies are being followed. 
2) Circular Buffer A circular buffer is a reserved part of memory which serves as a temporary buffer for data. It is organized in a special manner: the incoming data fills the buffer until it is completely full, and then starts to fill the buffer again from the beginning overwriting the previous content. It is the task of the software to make use of the stored data before it gets overwritten by new data
3) Linked List In computer science, a linked list is one of the fundamental data structures used in computer programming. It consists of a sequence of nodes, each containing arbitrary data fields and one or two references ("links") pointing to the next and/or previous nodes. A linked list is called a self-referential data type because it contains a pointer or link to another data of the same type. Linked lists permit insertion and removal of nodes at any point in the list in constant time, but do not allow random access.  

Job Descriptions

- Understanding circular buffer and linked list and how to utilize it in capturing packet
- To assist in implementing an enhanced packet capture mechanism by replacing circular buffer using linked list technique
-  To verify and validate the implementation based on the following metrics:
                  -  Packet Loss
                  -  CPU Utilization
                  -  Memory usage
- Interpret the resulted outputs (packet loss)

Software Project Management

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Hiring for Hybris Developer

Kindly share some profiles for the following requirement.   Job Location       : Trivandrum Np                          : 30 Days CTC                        : Open as per the Market Standard               

  • 1 Quality Assurance Specialist
  • 1 Technical Architect - Hybris Commerce
  • 2 Business Analysts - Hybris Commerce
  • 2 Senior Developers - Hybris Commerce
  • 4 Junior Developers - Hybris Commerce
    Detailed JD as Below   1.       Requirement     :               Hybris Junior Developer (4 Positions)    WORK EXPERIENCE 2+ years of experience in professional software development/engineering, including some: 1.       Experience working in a multi-team enterprise environment 2.       Experience in JAVA Object Oriented programming is required 3.       Experience with J2EE and Multi-Tier Internet Architecture 4.       Experience in the e-Commerce industry 5.       Previous experience of working on Hybris products; Hands-on experience with Hybris code base;   EXPECTATIONS AND TASKS 1.       Design and implement outstanding client-side, Java / JavaScript applications using state-of-the-art web technologies 2.       Consume RESTful APIs using JavaScript 3.       Contribute to and extend our tracking capabilities 4.       Write well-formed, tested, compatible, standards-based Java / JavaScript, making use of third-party JavaScript libraries where appropriate 5.       Develop cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device compatible code 6.       Work within an agile and globally distributed team, in a collaborative and fast-paced environment   EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS / SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES   1.     Bachelor’s degree (preferred) in Computer Science, Computer Mathematics, Software Engineering or a related discipline 2.     2-4 years of experience in Software design, systems integration and software development or consulting 3.     Good verbal and written communications skills 4.     Good presentation, organizational and planning skills 5.     Ability to establish solid working relationships with clients 6.     Ability to work effectively as a virtual member of a dynamic, dispersed team (remote), and to meet deadlines 7.     Solid knowledge of SQL, Relational Database Management Systems (DBMS), HTTP, HTML and XML is required 8.     Willingness to travel internationally, as required   2.       Requirement     :               Hybris Senior Developer (2 Positions)   WORK EXPERIENCE 4+ years of experience in professional software development/engineering, including some: 1.       Experience working in a multi-team enterprise environment 2.       Deep experience in JAVA Object Oriented programming is required 3.       Deep experience in J2EE and Multi-Tier Internet Architecture 4.       Strong experience in the e-Commerce industry and proven track record of successful projects 5.       Previous experience of working on Hybris products; Hands-on experience with Hybris code base;     EXPECTATIONS AND TASKS   1.       Design and implement outstanding client-side, Java / JavaScript applications using state-of-the-art web technologies 2.       Consume RESTful APIs using JavaScript 3.       Contribute to and extend our tracking capabilities 4.       Write well-formed, tested, compatible, standards-based Java / JavaScript, making use of third-party JavaScript libraries where appropriate 5.       Develop cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device compatible code 6.       Work within an agile and globally distributed team, in a collaborative and fast-paced environment   EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS / SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES   1.     Bachelor’s or Master's degree (preferred) in Computer Science, Computer Mathematics, Software Engineering or a related discipline 2.     3-6 years of experience in Software design, systems integration and software development or consulting 3.     Excellent verbal and written communications skills 4.     Excellent presentation, organizational and planning skills 5.     Ability to establish solid working relationships with clients 6.     Ability to work effectively as a virtual member of a dynamic, dispersed team (remote), and to meet deadlines 7.     Very good knowledge of SQL, Relational Database Management Systems (DBMS), HTTP, HTML and XML is required 8.     Willingness to travel internationally, as required     3.       Requirement     :               Hybris Business Analyst (2 Positions) WORK EXPERIENCE 1.       6+ years of experience in large, complex, multi domain, multisite eCommerce / multichannel projects 2.       Proven experience in functional design 3.       Proven experience in discussing business needs and requirements with business personnel 4.       Proven experience in making sound recommendations to business on how to increase revenue and profit in all aspects related to eCommerce / multichannel projects 5.       Vast eCommerce experience. Previous customer facing experience, working with technical personnel and business users     XPECTATIONS AND TASKS 1.       Work with SAP and business areas professionals from customers and partners to understand the business requirements and map them onto hybris functionalities. 2.       Create prototypes as appropiate. 3.       Recommend approaches to increase revenues and profits of customers through the implementation of eCommerce / multichannel initiatives, both at strategic and tactical level. 4.       Design user interaction models, workflows and user interfaces. 5.       Communicate conceptual ideas. 6.       Work with the SAP and hybris R&D and product management department to ensure that lessons learned in the field are adressed in the core product. 7.       Fully understand the capabilities and limitations of the hybris platform. 8.       Translate business requirements into functional requirements. 9.       Provide in depth knowledge of hybris platform and products. 10.    Design and conduct workshops with IT and business personnel. 11.    Stay up to date with best practices and innovation initiatives in the eCommerce / multichannel environment.   EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATION / SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES 1.       University degree in computer science, business administration, comparable education or job experience 2.       Must be used to working to standards and have a structured approach to design. 3.       Highly developed problem solving skills, tenacity, drive, proactive, creativity, sound planning and organizational abilities, strong improvement focus, ability to work in a fast-evolving and fast paced environment. 4.       Knowledge and experience of major ERP and CRM systems and how they are used in an eCommerce / multichannel implementation 5.       Knowledge and experience of applications typically involved in an eCommerce / multichannel implementation. 6.       Very good English language skills (verbal & written). Business fluent German language skills. 7.       Excellent communication skills, up to VP and C level 8.       Sound knowledge in all MS Office tools 9.       Achievement orientation, creative thinking and enthusiasm 10.    Open-minded self-starter, with the ability to pick up things quickly 11.    Very good presentation and organizational skills 12.    Achievement orientation, creative thinking and enthusiasm     4.       Requirement     :               Hybris Technical Architect (1 Positions)   WORK EXPERIENCE 1.       6+ years in Hybris/e-Commerce architecture, systems integration and development, package implementation, relational databases, with knowledge of multiple technologies and interactive design; 2.       3+ years of project experience in architecting of Hybris applications; 3.       Hands-on experience with Hybris code base; 4.       Previous experience of working on Hybris products; 5.       Experience in Java, Object Oriented programming and Multi-Threaded programming is required; 6.       Experience in full lifecycle software development processes and methods; 7.       Experience with mainstream e-Commerce platforms such as Hybris, Demandware, GSI, Intershop, IBM WebSphere, ATG or Magento; 8.       Experience with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions;   EXPECTATIONS AND TASKS 1.       Drive scoping, designing, and delivering a complex technical solution for customer projects, involving the evolution of current software to a new generation platform. 2.       Participate in the overall strategy, standardization, analysis, design, and implementation of a client initiative. 3.       Work with key business stakeholders, analysts, and other Solution Architects/Technical Leads on the client side. 4.       Help clients to solve crucial commerce business needs by building upon the Hybris platform. 5.       Provide advanced technical depth and experience, technical leadership, and multi-faceted communication skills. 6.       Participate in the full project lifecycle from analysis and planning to development and deployment, as well as assisting with pre-sales opportunities.   EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS / SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES Certified Hybris Core Developer; Hands-on customer facing management and technical delivery experience; Fluency in English and German to liaise with other teams, support staff, end users, and business management people.     5.       Requirement     :               Hybris Quality Assurance Specialist (1 Positions) WORK EXPERIENCE : 3 + years experience of working on Hybris implementation projects in Quality Assurance role;   3+ years of project experience in quality assurance of implementation projects - especially development projects; Hands-on customer facing management; Fluency in English and German to liaise with other teams, support staff, end users, and business management people.   FOCUS Test concept & methodology, which comprises:                 - quick feedback cycles within an agile development approach                 - Test automation (unit tests & selenium/UI tests)                 - defined KPI's                 - execution processes & workflows                 - "Test-Driven-Development"                 - Handling of bugs during development   Integration of tests (manual & automated) into development lifecycle (acceptance test & continuous testing).   EXPECTATIONS AND TASKS Drive scoping, designing and delivering of a Quality Assurance concept within an agile environment. Participate in the overall strategy, standardization, analysis, design, and implementation of a client initiative. Work with key business stakeholders, analysts, and other Solution Architects/Technical Leads on the client side. Participate in the full project lifecycle from analysis and planning to development and deployment.   EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS / SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES  


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Need an E-Commerce Website

Magento Theme based Fully Responsive Search Engine Optimized Single Vendor Ecommerce Store

Project Details: 

Implementation of a Theme of our choice from or similar

Theme Configuration / Customization

Layout: Page Header -->
 My Account/Delivery Location/Next Available Delivery Slot/Sticky Header and other cosmetic changes; Home Page à Changes regarding creating/changing different subsections with parallax browsing 
Product Listing Page --> Dynamic AJAX Layered Navigation with Price Slider and with AJAX Product Load, Selection of Custom Options/Features/Simple Products directly from Quick view for Bundle/Group/Configurable Product with AJAX Add to Cart, Distinct highlight of Products already added to Cart / Wish list with qty indications, Tab based browsing for last level category. Tab based filter of product listing based on 
Standard, Budget, Premium 
Login & Registration --> Login & Registration Popup based with both email id and mobile number; Both email and mobile number as mandatory entry during registration; Login possible through Mobile Number additionally; OTP Validation via Mobile during Registration & Cash on Delivery; Forgot password, Remember Me, Send Newsletter option in Popup; Availability of Login & Registration via popup during checkout. Delivery Pin code --> Pin code maintenance and selection (as popup) for delivery; Change option for selected delivery pin code; Next delivery slot info in header Brand --> Search Brand and Shop by Brand based on alphabet or category; once Brand selected display all products for that Brand as similar to Product Listing Cart & Checkout --> Activating Shopping Cart Editor; Cart Icon to display item numbers and value; Cart pull down with Scroll for items with Fixed Sub Total; Shopping Cart organized based on Category with no. of items and value subtotal per category; Shopping Cart having Group/Configuration/Bundle products to display all features/custom options/simple products selected; Display of all applicable discount/promo code(s) in cart view to allow user to select discount/promo codes via option button which will get auto applied; Option to select previously delivered address during checkout; restrictive selection drop down for deliverable pin-codes during checkout Miscellaneous --> Auto Search and Auto Complete and Ajax Add to Cart from Search Result; Image upload (excluding Products) and Sample Data Upload (enough for testing); Other customization(s) as needed during development

Magento Extensions to be implemented (if not possible through Theme configuration) 
a) Megamenu b) One Step Checkout c) AJAX Infinite Scroll d) AJAX Add To Cart e) Delivery Location Check f) Delivery Slot g) Auto Complete and Auto Search h) Store Credit / Loyalty Booster i) Multiple Wish List j) Popup Builder k) Tab Builder  l) Product Label m) Custom Attribute creation for Customer/Product/Order n) ODOO Connector from Magento o) Chat and Quick Support p) Import Product and Product Category q) Payment Gateway integration for Payubiz and PaywithPayTM r) SMS gateway in integration n Reporting s) Bulk Price Updater t) Delete Order u) System plugins like Cache Updates, Store Maintenance etc. v) Any other plugin(s) installation as needed during development  

a) An enhancement to auto create additional backend zero value order(s) based on certain product(s) in Cart Checkout belonging to certain product category

Implicit Features 
a) Fully Responsive b) Search Engine Optimized c) Fast Loading and Operations of the Store d) Launching the Store in our domain

NOTE - Payments for the project will be made only through Truelancer.


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Alternative Healing Brand needs a full time VA for helping out with Amazon/E-commerce Business


We are seeking a full time, highly Autonomous VA to help out with a brand of alternative healing products selling mostly online through 

The successful candidate needs to have experience with working with Wordpress/Excel/Word - E-commerce experience very welcome - Amazon experience is ideal.
Must speak perfect English, be autonomous, willing to self-manage.

Career growth opportunites for the right candidate. Fixed Salary + Vacation days + Bonuses also.

The tasks will include:

-Social Media Daily Posting and Managing -> Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest
We have about 6 months of content you can repost, but will need to change hastags, etc. Need to post daily, at the same time.
-Social Media Message Replying (Does not happen often)
-Website blog posting and small changes on our site - things like putting new articles on the blog and (Experience with WordPress or similar would be helpful)
-Every once in a while will need to put together a simple Ebook or something similar in a free online app called Canva, from existing templates (Experience with Canva, or Photoshop welcome but not neccesary)
-Answering Amazon Client Messages - Customer Support - (Ability to communicate clearly in English needed. Prior Customer Support experience welcomed)
-Send out replacement orders on Amazon and process orders from the Website
-Try to resolve bad reviews, by messaging the client and keeping track of all the conversations
- Send

We will use an app called Trello for communication. You will need to provide daily reports.

This is a full time position. (40 hours per week), the weekends you can take off except for a daily message check on Amazon and possibly a scheduled Social Media Post.

The starting salary is 200USD/Month paid weekly. 

This posting is for a week trial. If all goes well you will be hired full time.

Please list appropriate experience and why you think you would be good for the job.

Thank you very much,


Customer Service & Support

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Need VA and expert person who can do affiliate marketing of my upcoming privately help course

I am looking to hire an expert affiliate marketer
If you apply, please read below that what all you need to promote and bring results.

I am starting a course  / privately help workshop(series of sessions over webinars).

This course is meant for website designers or someone who need to learn getting clients for website design projects.

I have one free course, one session.
I will have one paid course registration as well.

You need to bring 1000 registrations of high quality to the free course. That is when they register 1000 of them should also be present on our one session of the webinar.

It may happen that if people register for free course is 3000, but actual only 1000 people joins the free session on given time. So you need to ensure that 1000 people joins the webinar. There will be 5 webinars , so each webinar 200 people joins.

To these website designers, you need to further market and get 300 paid registrations.

The paid registration (paid course) will be an ongoing membership. Where they have 2 sessions monthly. and they can keep asking any questions they face while getting clients and I will help them.

Fees of this course will be $47 monthly.

Apply only if you can guarantee 300 sales. 

If you apply mention in first line "I agree to get you 300 sales in one month" 

In the last line of your proposal, mention - "lets start getting 300 paid students in web designer growth course"

If your proposal don't have above two things done, simply to be ignored.

Affiliate Marketing

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Gaming website development

You need to develop 16 games along with a website and its complete designing and payment integration and affiliates/referal part... Complete documentation of work has been attached. Time for developing each game should be around 5-7 days along with its integration in website. Our budget is 90000INR for complete development. All design and every modifications and features should be made the way we say. We can ask to add any feature which we think is required and missing/didnt mention before. It will be player vs player gaming website with games of mere skill like chess checker cricket racing... Dont ask for advance in begining as it will symbolise as scam. But you will have weekly payment release on every sunday/monday You should be constantly in touch and provide atleast 1 update everyday on completion. You should do work on local server and provide link so that we can see the work any time. After website development we insist you should work with us as developer to fix any issues(software bugs/do any needfull update we want/maintainance) in website and add more games for which you will be paid 200$ mnthly salary(for website maintainance and fixings and updates) + $$(depending on amt we decide later) as your game dvpmt fee for developing more games 2 documentations have been attached one about website and game development and other showing how look and feel of game should be with ref link. Ref links are only for look and feel we dont need all features of those apps. budget :90kinr deposit: 38kinr

Game Development

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