MVC HTM5 REACT.JS Based on Responsive site design

This site needs to be built in tamil language [I will provide all the words].

The webpage would have like four menus as of now.
1. About us
2. View Books
3. Create Books
4. Transliteration

I need the site to be a responsive web, in desktop all four menu should showcase an icon as they are in a grid type view.. whilst in mobile or tab, it has to be burger menu

View books page would have a search and filter menu at the beginning and should display all the books thumbnail in the grid view filters will be based on Age, Category, published, rating etc The users have to either enter the exact text of book or author in search box or use the filter menu to narrow down the book they want to see. Click on any books should display a books info popup. the popup should have BOOK title and description, Links to share the book info in twitter, facebook etc and thumbnail image and a button to read the book in a new page clicking the read book button should take the users a dedicated page where the user can read the book in full page the books will be available in pdf. Users should not be able to download the pdf. It should be a read only. the user should be able to see the pages according to the devices they use. For example. desktop should show left and right pages. where as mobile.table just one page per view.. Also, the desktop user should be able to use mouse, arrow keys or page up/down keys and t mobile user swipe action

-Create book should let users to create a book. The user will be given templates of A4 landscape / A4 portrait and a square template. Users can add free images and text in tamil. These images will be provided as a option in the left menu or they can add their custom images to the books. He can add those images and his tamil text and create a book by building it page by page. Ebook creation will be limited to a maximum of 20 pages. Clicking on submit button should store that user creation in the server and database, I can later pick them up and add them to the existing view list

 - transliteration site could have the google translator. some thing like Should have social site integration and Google analytics intergration MySql database will be used to store the books, books related information, user information etc. The user information will later be used for verification and authentication purpose. 

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Need a custom Website

I have two projects. I am the founder of a non profit organization  - Center for the Rights & Protection of Children. CRPC is a a non-profit org with a mission to advocate for the safety and well-being of children & their families interfacing the child protection and family legal systems. I have a website started on Wix but I would like something that looks more up to date and inviting. The topic is a serious one which deals with child safety and invites public health responses to protect children from trauma and emotional abuse when our child protective system fails to protect them. We conduct research advocate for policy/legislative change, etc. I also need someone to write a summary of our work as a general overview of the problem, etc. 

I'd like to publicize the organization so that I can get started on developing podcasts and reaching out to legislators state and federal. This is a time sensitive project, but I would like someone who can design graphics, the website and create infographics, etc. to help up launch with a nice looking site to share with the public our work and so that we can build partnerships. 

THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES!!! I'd LIKE A COMPELING COVER PAGE/ENTRY PAGE, NICE PHOTOS ETC. need custom homepage content already started in wix but I want something more modern yet official for government and public health leaders to also appreciate. 


Mention what the website is for. Nature of the business if it a Business website. What you intend to do with the help of this website?
Design Preferences: Mention any theme/kind of website design that you prefer (Mention Sites).
Static pages: Mention Number of pages (Home page, Contact us, About us etc)
Preferred Customizations:
Custom Banners for Homepage slider needed?
Custom Illustrations/Icons?
Technology Preferences: LAMP Stack (PHP), MEAN Stack (AngularJS + ExpressJS + NodeJS), ASP.NET

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Animaker Video Developer

Title: Animaker Whiteboard Animation Video Template Developer

Task: Design and develop template videos on Animaker using only Animaker's Whiteboard Animation style.

Objective: Rather than start from scratch using a blank canvas, Animaker subscribers seeking to create Whiteboard Animation videos will use the templates to create their own videos in quick time. There are a total of 5 different styles available within Animaker Whiteboard: Whiteboard, Blackboard, Notepad, Glassboard and Stitchboard. User also has the option to publish these videos in Vertical video format.

Start Date: Immediate

Guidelines: Videos to be created using Animaker’s FREE version, using "Whiteboard Animation" style. Should give the look & feel of a template for re-use by Animaker subscribers. Should be creative, appealing, original, legal, non-violent & non-offensive. Incorporate BG Music, Voice-Over (record) and Photos (import) as appropriate & relevant. Should create template videos by proportionately using all of the 5 styles and the vertical video format.

Reasons why Whiteboard Animation style is used: Portray complex topics to your viewers with simple imagery. Viewers see the story unfolding in real-time. Viewers stay tuned to know what is going to happen next. Overall sense of transparency is great for viewer engagement.

Each Video Duration: Ideally 30 seconds; Between 20 - 60 Seconds.

Number of videos to create: 30 

Timeline: No specific timeline to create these videos

Compensation: Please quote a fee to create each video

Script for the Videos: Click to access sample scripts:; You may come up with scripts on your own and use them to create the template videos.


Reference Videos: 
Birthday Greeting:; 
Social Video:; 
Explainer Video:

Deliverable: Share "Animo" URL from Animaker Dashboard for review. 

Action Requests: 1. Please quote a fee to create each video. 2. Share your timeline to create each video.

Video Presentations

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Building of a custom sneaker bot

I am looking for someone who can develop a bot specific for sneaker auto check out. Below are requirements that I am looking for in the bot desktop software in other to meet our goals and expectations. Each candidate will need to do a research on the BOTS and ATC service companies listed above to get a better idea of what we are trying to achieve. The candidate will then need to present us a game plan. Previous experience on a similar project is a plus (If you did, please provide reference on your past bot projects), but not required if the candidate is 100% confident they can meet our needs. The bot will need to be unique (I would like to add a non-disclosure agreement once the project is completed). I will not consider a copycat of any previous works or from bots that can be sold to the public (which will defeat the purpose for us attempting to find a bot developer). We also welcome any tips and recommendations because although I am knowledgeable on bots and sneakers, I am not qualified on creating one. Bot will need to be specific to the website below (more will be added as needed, but those are the main ones we would like to target. We also wish to target some European sites in the near future, but that will depend how well we do with this project first):
• General requirement for the bot:
o Fast auto-checkout
o Multi-tasking and multi-threading (Able to take advantage of high speed internet with CPU)
o Multi platform (MAC IOS, Linux, and Windows)
o Preferably needs to be Java based (not restricted to)
o Captcha timer and harvester for sites that requires it
o Proxy Support
o Restock Scanner
o Unlimited tasks
o Captcha Storage
o Built in web browser
o News & release info
o Support for clothing & sneakers
o Advanced retrying
o Keyword searches
o Auto-updates
o Auto-start at release
o Payment option with Paypal, AMEX, Mastercard, Visa
• Adidas:
o Built-in inventory checker for Adidas
o splash page by pass implemented (Adidas uses a program called HMAC. Some bots now have a HMAC destroyer or bypass on their bots and would like the candidate to also come up with a solution to bypass the splash page on Yeezy releases)
o Captcha auto solver (not via 2captcha)-Captcha auto solver (not via 2captcha)
o Auto check out with option to manually check out
• Shopify sites:
o Sites we are targeting are Kith NYC, Supreme New York, Yeezy Supply, Barneys, Bodega, Packers, Blends (Blendsus), Xhibition, Ubiq, Saint Alfred, Social Status, OVO, Bape, Ssense, Reigning Champs, and Havenshop (This is all I could think of that moment, so that list can change)
o Captcha auto solver (not via 2captcha)-Captcha auto solver (not via 2captcha)
o Auto check out with option to manually check out
o Monitoring option through Keywords when direct link is not given-Able to create multiple tasks
• Footsites (Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs, Footaction):
o Monitoring option through Link provided for restock purposes (there is a countdown on most release, so we would like to preset our tasks and have it linked with the countdown. That way, the tasks can auto start when countdown hit the zero mark).
o Fast Auto check out. Footsites are probably the most difficult ones to get. So many bots have little success on them, but private bots still find a way to get the most shoes from there. We need the candidate to analyze the sites and come up with a strategy on what would be best for us to implement for the best success rate possible
• SNKRS and Finishline:
-SNKRS Draw and fcfs releases
o Both sites usually releases at 9 am (CST), but do not have a countdown. We would like the candidate the develop a monitoring tasks that will start as soon as the page is updated when the shoes are available for purchase.
o Fast auto-checkout

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Need a team for creating a video streaming + Ecommerce app.


We have an Application to be developed in Android, IOS & Web based.  

Please refer apps : Periscope and YouNow before going through below few main features which were mentioned by client 

o Create profile functionality 
o Messaging among the users, (one to one )
o Message retention will be needed for future reference 
o Live video streaming by multiple users at same time shall be available on the platform (like Periscope, Younow app)
o Streamed videos shall be stored at publisher's profile and can be downloaded ONLY by publisher
o A chatroom shall be available against each live streaming (additional options will be , LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, FAV Etc)
o Notifications shall be sent to the users if they subscribed to any channel (via app by default , optional will be message, email, etc)
o It will be a global app, while USA will be primary market
o CDN & cloud configuration will be required (WOWZA was a mentioned option)
o Users shall be able to filter the content on the basis of categories
o Search functionality within the app to search online/offline users by their name. plus any merchandise offered by any users (like if someone sells hats with his name on etc) PUBNUB, Algolia were mentioned which could be considered for search and indexing
o Merchandise : Each user shall have the ability to list and sell his own merchandise at profile level (which can be searched as mentioned in above point) 
o Payment gateway shall be attached to perform the transactions (all Credit cards plus Paypal)
o The livestream shall have an option to stream it on TV via chromecast device

Technology to be used (STRICTLY)

1. Node JS
2. React JS
3. MySQL
4. Native Android
5. Native IOS

And must have worked on PubNub, Algolia, Wowza & Solr

Dont apply if you are a freelancer, small teams can be considered in case they have already implemented a similar application in the past. 

More details and technical SRS will be shared only after signing the NDA. Budget around 2.75 - 3L for all 3 platforms.

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Need someone who can design and code website perfectly

Need someone who can design and code website perfectly, speedier, secured

clone of

each and all function same to

a proper CMS for content edits
a proper membership and directory

proper email flow and triggers
proper mis making inside dashboard

i would prefer you go through the and you document it and send me in your proposal, i will love to see whether you understood and what all you understood on the reference site. and your best possible quote.

Below are summary of things to do in first 3 to 4 days at max. I will bear cost of docdirect theme or any other theme we plan.

Things to do:
-homepage(design will be supplied in psd)
-Search results page
-business listing detail page
- function of lead generation(explained below)
-conta ct us page
- other static pages like terms, privacy,
-other pages as required as stated in
-business registers in front end.
-business selects any one plan out of many we decide. Based on plan the functions yet need to be made.
-business pays automated recurring payment, where monthly same date payment gets deducted automatedly
-paddle payment gateway integration. Make the system secured and nicely built in a manner that in future if needed, if we need to add one more payment gateway or change the payment gateway, we can just do easily.
-e-mail to be sent to business and to the customer on each flow of sequence.
-great dashboard for business with all possible functions
-great dashboard for admin with all possible functions

The above all almost design and functionality in 2 to 3 full days.

Explanation: function of lead generation
a.Customer sees a call to action advert everywhere that "They can just enter their details, we will get them matched with top seos with quotes"
b.Customer sees a enquiry form inside each profile as well.

-a- if customer clicks this, they go to a new page(design will be supplied in psd) and they fill up the details. Admin gets its details. Further admin proceeds its enquiry to businesses. Businesses replies on this enquiry. Admin sees the proposals and removes spam, and forwards a compiled report to the customer. Further customers directly contac ts the business which he likes. (this entire flow of lead management, we need to dedicate one day)

-b-if customer fills the inquiry form inside particular profile -> the lead goes to particular business. All respective e-mail flow needs to be planned.

Budget Rs 4,000/- and if your quality is super, can extend to Rs 6,000 OR Rs 7,000 at max if possible + theme cost I will bear.

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Need to fix few Bugs and Features Addition in Admin panel for Existing online recharge Portal

Dear Team 
I am Searching for who fast-track deliverable probably by coming Friday . Need to fixed these few bugs to existing website .Will Share Website Name shortly on chat .
Current Platform is-  PHP 

Miscellaneous and Customer End
1.Transnational Email Issue (Email in Proper Format I will share Via Email ) 
2.Email to customer with details for Every Successful and Failure Transactions 
3. Transnational SMS to customers
4.Push notification  
5.Sign up page Modification
6.Option for Customers to change their Password Customer End

 Admin Features
 1.Landing/Home Page Slider Change by admin Panel time to time for Offers 
2. Admin Can Download MIS from Admin Page Total Subscriber , Total Number of Transaction for the day Week and Month, Email ,Mobile number in Excel 
3.Admin Can Download /See Total transaction Value and Profit and Total failure transaction, Mode of payments in Excel 
4.Admin Can change transaction charges of payment gateway which will be beard by Customer 
5.Admin can input Promotional Message in transnational Email

1.Add Security image at the time of sign up for Avoiding spam signup 

 Customer Support
1. Live chat for customers and Instantly Assignment  to Admin assigned Users 
2. Support ticket assignment to Admin users ( Support ticket is already installed but auto Assignment to user or intimation to customer is missing )

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Need VA and expert person who can do affiliate marketing of my upcoming privately help course

I am looking to hire an expert affiliate marketer
If you apply, please read below that what all you need to promote and bring results.

I am starting a course  / privately help workshop(series of sessions over webinars).

This course is meant for website designers or someone who need to learn getting clients for website design projects.

I have one free course, one session.
I will have one paid course registration as well.

You need to bring 1000 registrations of high quality to the free course. That is when they register 1000 of them should also be present on our one session of the webinar.

It may happen that if people register for free course is 3000, but actual only 1000 people joins the free session on given time. So you need to ensure that 1000 people joins the webinar. There will be 5 webinars , so each webinar 200 people joins.

To these website designers, you need to further market and get 300 paid registrations.

The paid registration (paid course) will be an ongoing membership. Where they have 2 sessions monthly. and they can keep asking any questions they face while getting clients and I will help them.

Fees of this course will be $47 monthly.

Apply only if you can guarantee 300 sales. 

If you apply mention in first line "I agree to get you 300 sales in one month" 

In the last line of your proposal, mention - "lets start getting 300 paid students in web designer growth course"

If your proposal don't have above two things done, simply to be ignored.

Affiliate Marketing

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Content Developer Full Time/Part Time - 12k/6k per month


Job Description:

The Content Developer position will be responsible for producing well-written content in fluent English for various websites, products, and brands. This includes, but is not limited to; writing content for many different websites, blogs, articles, press releases, social media outlets, print materials, product pages, video scripts, newsletters and a myriad of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) related items. All work will require clear, concise and persuasive writing that is consistent with established branding, current market trends, and with SEO tactics & techniques generally on top of mind. Along with producing original content, you'll be required to review, revise, proofread, edit and improve content written by other team members from time to time.


  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience;
  • Strong computer skills (MS Office);
  • Great written and oral communication skills;
  • Should have expert writing skills, editing, and proofreading abilities;
  • Must have a keen eye for detail and zero grammatical errors;
  • A natural flair for writing with an understanding of what works on the internet;
  • Writing content for website & mobile app development industry;
  • Content tasks include engaging blog posts, downloadable reports, web pages, online marketing material, case studies, press releases, press kits, video scripts, white papers, etc. with a strong focus on writing towards different client personas;
  • Always keeps the reader & reader's thought process in mind;
  • Staying abreast of industry news & developments, and contributing ideas for development and refinement of content strategy and online sales funnel potential clients go through;
  • Have strong work ethics, team spirit, and interpersonal skills;
  • Must have a laptop or PC and access to a good reliable broadband connection, 7 days a week
Salary: 12k per month (target linked)
Incentives: 3k/1.5k per month (quality and target linked)

***Min. Target: 50/25 articles (1000-1100 words each) per month***

Article Writing

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URGENT- Bounty monster - A place to share and create the bounty program of the ICO’s

Bounty monster

A place to share and create the bounty program of the ICO’s

There are two users in the system:
• The organizer of the sale and the person who publishes the prizes
• Participant - users that do the tasks and get there prize 

How its work 
The website will show a list of bounty’s that the organizers published
Every one of the bounty will show the company details and the bounty options.
Users can sign in to any bounty they want and can talk to the organizer about there status, share there wallet address 

Flow of use
• Organizer view: register upload is info about is ICO and add bounty items will be already bounty template that he can use from and he can also create a custom one’s 
• Participant: can explore and search through a list of ICO that running now and select what one’s he want to join in user will need to sign in and create account that show the bounty he select and can update his status about them  

Bounty options (will be a ready template for the users)
BitcoinTalk Signature & Avatars
YouTube Video
Ambassadors Campaign
Invite friend to the Telegram group

Example of bounty’s

Web Development

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We are a technology company working toward distinctive set of ideas and value system to re-energize

Tittle : Front End Developer 
Experience : Fresher to experienced
Job Type : Full Time, Freelancer, Fresher
Location : Delhi
Target start date : Immediate
Number of positions : 3

Ability to Think-Out-Of-The-Box
Zeal to learn, self-motivated
Collaborating , designing and creating UI/UX elements
An open-minded approach that focuses on problem solving
Lead the overall visual design and graphical content production of your design team

Requirements, expected skills and stats:
You aspire to level up, learn more and develop your skills
Proficiency in HTML/HTML5/CSS3 (Bootstrap)and JavaScript adhering to w3c standards
Lead your code to full potential by collaborating with design and tech team
Having strong skills of SEO/SEM
Passion for design with strong opinion about aesthetics & love for typography
Proficiency in visual design platform such as In-vision is an added advantage

Required character traits:
Social and a true team player
Ambition & love for being part of making the coolest of Products
Professionalism regarding time,costs and deadline

We offer:
Freedom to design your own workflow to get the very best out of yourself
Opportunity to work with new start up culture
Flat hierarchy environment where your opinion counts

About Company :
We are a technology company working toward distinctive set of ideas and value system to re-energize and reshape future in sports and health. Our Dissatisfaction and genuine sense of purpose enables us not to hold any conventional bar, spurring us to build blocks with constant inspiration and innovation.

Contact No - [removed]

Interested candidate share your resume @[removed]


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We are a technology company working toward distinctive set of ideas and value system to re-energize

Tittle : Designer
Experience : Fresher to experienced
Job Type : Full Time, Freelancer, Fresher
Target start date : Immediate
Number of positions : 3


Ability to Think-Out-Of-The-Box
Zeal to learn, self-motivated
Collaborating,designing and creating UI/UX elements
An open-minded approach that focuses on problem solving
Lead the overall visual design and graphical content production of your design team

Requirements, expected skills and stats:

You aspire to level up, learn more and develop your skills
Strong skills in Adobe PS, AE, AI and XD
Passion for design with strong opinion & love for typography
Exuberance and ingenuity for visual and motion graphics such as message sticker,GIFs,Illustration etc
Capable of independently creating concept sketches to final renderings/assets
Experience building and testing prototypes with users is a plus
Proficiency in visual design platform such as In-vision is an added advantage

Required character traits:

Social and a true team player
Ambition & love for being part of making the coolest of Products
Professionalism regarding time, costs and deadline

We offer:

Freedom to design your own workflow to get the very best out of yourself
Opportunity to work with new start up culture
Flat hierarchy environment where your opinion counts

About Company :

We are a technology company working toward distinctive set of ideas and value system to re-energize and reshape future in sports and health. Our Dissatisfaction and genuine sense of purpose enables us not to hold any conventional bar, spurring us to build blocks with constant inspiration and innovation.

Contact No - [removed]

Interested candidates share your [removed]


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Annonce Freelancer : Test Polish banks for Polish freelance only

About D-Rating
D-Rating is the first and unique digital rating agency. D-Rating provides all market stakeholders with an independent rating of a company’s digital performance. We build a 360° digital assessment based on 800+ criteria. Data are provided through proprietary crawlers, semantic analyzers, external sources and audit. The scoring engine involves experienced analysts with digital background, a scientific committee with top tier scholars and machine learning algorithms. D-Rating is a French start-up created in January 2017.

About the project  
The objective of the project is to test banks in Poland on their main customer processes and digital contact channels. The methodology has already been applied in France and will be fully described before the beginning of the project. Below is a first overview of the project. The freelance shall
-              Open current account (online whenever possible) in selected banks
-              Describe banks’ product subscription process
-              Test digital contact channels as a prospect
-              Check the existence of a list of digital services on mobile apps and web customer portal
-              Make 2 money transfers to a new recipient

During all tests, testers will have to fill in forms about the process. Tables include criteria such as “Time needed to answer question”, “Number of fields to fill in to complete current account subscription”, … Forms will be provided by D-Rating.   Every part of the test that happens digitally (on desktop or on smartphone) should be recorded on video (for instance, with Free Screen Video Recorder for destop, AZ Screen Recorder for an Android smartphone). All videos have to be sent to D-Rating. All personal information appearing on the videos will be obliterated in videos before any distribution. For security reasons, all bank current accounts created for the project should be closed by the Freelance at the end before sending us the videos.  

A dedicated person from D-Rating will be available to answer the testers’ questions through Skype, Hangouts or e-mail. If testers have any doubt during the process, they should always ask D-Rating analysts for information.    

- Polish nationality
- Live in its own home (by renting or owning it)
- Owns a Android-powered smartphone and a computer with a webcam
- Speaks English fluently
- Proficient computer skills (Internet, office software) - Already have a current account in a polish bank - Have a Gmail account (We will share data, documents, form through G-Mail suite (Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs in particular)).
- Have a Twitter and Facebook account.
- Tests may require receiving and sending paper mail. Testers should be able to check their personal paper-mailbox every day and send letters/contracts every day of the week (Monday to Friday)  

We will favorise freelances with a regular job (in addition to its freelance activiy).    

Payment and schedule  

For each bank done, we will pay 30 hours (Workload calculated based on the French project) A freelance should do a minimum of 3 banks and a maximum of 8. In total, opening account and testing contact channels can last 4 to 6 weeks. We will pay at pre-defined milestone. Main payment will happen at the end of project.      

Next steps:
Please informe us about your interest for the project and the number of banks of you might be able to do during the next 3 months.  

Personal Assistant

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Scala Spark Apache Toree Jupyter

Use Scala and Spark. Please turn in a Jupyter notebook that uses the Apache-Toree kernel. For # 2-7 the code needs to use Spark and be able to run on a cluster using multiple worker nodes to the computations.

1. Write a function that will put N doubles into a file. The doubles need to be normally distributed with mean 0 and standard deviation
The function should have two arguments: N and the full name of the file (ie includes path to file location). Create a file with 50,000 doubles using the function from problem

This file will be used for the next several problems. It is best if you put the file in the current directory to avoid paths that do not exist on other machines.

2. Read the file created in #1 into an RDD and compute the mean and standard deviation of the doubles in the file. Work on the RDD, that is do not convert the RDD to a DataFrame or Dataset. You are to use Spark code to compute the values as we want this to run on a cluster using multiple machines. So pure Scala code will not work.

3. Repeat but using a dataframe instead of an RDD. Here work on the data frame and not a RDD.

4. Using a DataFrame create a random sample of 100 elements of the file created in #1 and compute the mean of the sample. 5. Create a file of 100 normally distributed doubles. Read the doubles from the file into an RDD. Using the RDD create a sliding window of size 20 and compute the mean of each window. The following problems deal with dwell times on websites. That is how long people stay on a web page. It uses files you download from the assignment page on the course website.

6. The file multiple-sites.tsv contains two columns: site and dwell time. Using Spark compute the average dwell time for each site.

7. The file "multiple-sites.tsv” comtains two columns: date and dwell time. Using Spark compute the following: 1. The average dwell time each hour 2. The average dwell time per day of the week  3. The average dwell time on the week days(Monday-Friday)  4. Average dwell time on the weekend

8. Do the average dwell times computed in #7 indicate any difference in users behavior? 

Desktop Applications

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XML feed integration from my WordPress website to other websites

Dear Freelancers,

(Read before you want to do this project!!)

I have a WordPress website in the real estate. It doesn't support the XML feed. So i want you make it possible to make an XML feed of the properties, my partners with another website can integrate it into their website.

The theme i bought is from Myhouse. My website:

 What i really want:
 1. In word-press with any of the properties an option is provided which you can indicate "export To XML ": yes / no
 2. And then a piece of code where the XML is created with all the data my partners want.
A. Type
B. Location
C. Description
D. Price
E. ...

Useful information that i got from the developer that created the Wordpress Theme:

"Every property is represented as post with custom post type estate (

Property fields are based on post meta data ( and taxonomies ( MyHome text field = taxonomy and MyHome number field = number field.

Every field has unique slug which you can find in your database (table: myhome_attributes, field: base_slug). Since your API uses different IDs for property attributes, you will have to create some kind of relation between them.

Overall after your receive properties from your API you will have to create loop and
 1) Add property = add post (
 2) Add attributes = add_post_meta if it's number field ( or wp_s"

I want to use it as an export to following websites: and
(more iinformation on kyero with XML feed)

As well i want to use it in the future for other websites so it should be easy to use and to get the XML link and send it to my partners that want to use my properties.

Would be nice in advance you can tell me how you gonna do that.

 Thank you very much 

Web Development

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Photoshop and Uploading products - Magento 1.9

I need current products Photoshop to cover and substitute the brand. AND also need the products to be uploaded into my website. Products will be Bodykits, Bumpers, Bonnets, Sideskirts, etc. 

Web mail is

Please read carefully my requirements and only place the bid if you have experience in uploading the products in Magento 1.9 version.

To improve website and products visual ie aspect, image size and to make more professional. You might need to change home page and adjust the image size etc

All the current products will need to be photoshoped to substitute the current brand with new brand, which I provide.

Will need to upload another 1200 products approximately (I will provide excel folder with all the details like images of the products, price shipping cost, description etc). This does not need to be photoshoed.

The Images will be provided in separate folder, which you will need to link with the product references in Excel sheet. 

To google the images for subcategory and substitute with new images

You will also need to do following:
• Add individual products to the website
• Well knowledge in Excel and its shortcuts
• Image and Picture cropping using Photoshop
• Add long/short description
• Search & add SEO keywords
• Update meta keyword and meta description of each products you upload
• Complete store management for online retailers

In short The job got 3 parts. 

1st part is to substitute all the images which have logo and brand name with the name I provide. 

2nd part is to upload around 1000 to 1200 products,. I will provide all the details but the image folder will be sent separately and you will need to link the image to references in excel sheet in order to upload the products

3rd part to google the images for subcategory and substitute with new images



Data Entry

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Gaming website development

You need to develop 16 games along with a website and its complete designing and payment integration and affiliates/referal part... Complete documentation of work has been attached. Time for developing each game should be around 5-7 days along with its integration in website. Our budget is 90000INR for complete development. All design and every modifications and features should be made the way we say. We can ask to add any feature which we think is required and missing/didnt mention before. It will be player vs player gaming website with games of mere skill like chess checker cricket racing... Dont ask for advance in begining as it will symbolise as scam. But you will have weekly payment release on every sunday/monday You should be constantly in touch and provide atleast 1 update everyday on completion. You should do work on local server and provide link so that we can see the work any time. After website development we insist you should work with us as developer to fix any issues(software bugs/do any needfull update we want/maintainance) in website and add more games for which you will be paid 200$ mnthly salary(for website maintainance and fixings and updates) + $$(depending on amt we decide later) as your game dvpmt fee for developing more games 2 documentations have been attached one about website and game development and other showing how look and feel of game should be with ref link. Ref links are only for look and feel we dont need all features of those apps. budget :90kinr deposit: 38kinr

Game Development

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site, android and ios apps needed for 1 project

For a new matchmaking/dating website i need somebody to make the website, and the (hybrid) android/ios apps.
Budget is low but we can give longterm maintenance/upkeep/upgrade partnership as well, and some other works in future.

The site shall have search, register (free an dpaid memberships), whose online, location, likes, saves, email, chat (direct chat between 2 online members, need store chat also), can see if somebody likes or saved your profile, block somebody, if 2 people liked each other can see. The admin panel must have all the features expected, send notifications to all members or emails to those not online for while, manage blocked members, statistics, voucher/discount code management (for registration to give discount). Full overview can be send.

Please do not tex me if you need to do this for more than our indicated budget.
Please DO NOT MAKE FALSE BIDS TO GET our ATTENTION and than raise your offer double to more, we select based on bids and discuss but will not increase our budget. The work to be done mainly si stated above, so please do not use excuse for raising your bid that you did not know the entire works.

We have already the logo and design colors, for the design theme we will guide. Most important we need developer.

The selected freelancer shall be awarded a few more similar contracts after this job. Above is only the initital site to determine who we like to work with. We are serious and will choose only serious bidders to discuss.

Thank you.
Mrs.. Fatimah Iman


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Sale Restaurant Software Point Of Sale

We have developed a practically user friendly, best quality software for restaurant.
It has to be sold in India only.
I need to sale this product @ 5000 Rs /Per Year License copy.
Minimum copies to be sold are 12 per year
The name of our product is Restobillo.
Resto Billo is a specially designed software for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Canteens, Dhabas, Banquet Halls, snack centers, Bars, Coldrink houses, Ice Cream Centres, Cake Shops, hotels  that can be operated simply by using the Numeric Keypad.
Some of the keyfeatures of our product are

    • Any Customer OR Waiter can give orders to the kitchen by viewing the Menu Card
    • Any Customer OR Waiter can print Bill
    • Automatic Generation & Printing of Kitchen Order (KOT’s)
    • Automatic Start Of Software when the PC is ON-No Need to Click any Button
    • Best Quality
    • Foolproof Tested
    • Reasonable Rates
    •  Display List of ON Tables & OFF Tables
    • Ordering & Billing only by using Numeric Keypad or Android Mobile Phone or Tablet
    • Chef can see the orders in the kitchen if a parallel screen or Tablet or mobile is attached to your computer
    • Printing of Variety of Reports
    • Offline – No Internet Connection Required
    • Saves your Labours
    • No Need to Remember the Orders given by the customers while printing Bills
    • Saves Times during Business Hours
    • Placing of Orders by using just 4-5 Buttons
    • Automatic display of Rate, Unit, Total Bill, Image of Selected Item
    • First Come First Serving of Orders


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Senior Software Developer - .Net Platform - Only Travel Domain

The Senior Software Developer should have at least 6+ years of experience in .NET platform (only from Travel Domain)

Role Definition

The Senior Software Developer should have at least 6+ years of experience in Microsoft .NET platform (Only in Travel Domain).

The key attributes required for this role are specified below:

- Firm understanding of Microsoft .NET framework, including ASP.NET, C#, MVC, Web Services, XML, JQuery, JavaScript, SQL Server.

- Firm understanding of integration of various APIs / XMLs pertaining to consumption of third party services for travel services

- Good understanding of .NET Design patterns and practices.

- Good debugging and problem solving skills

- More than 3 Years of experience in MVC, WCF and Database.

- Ready to work in a startup environment. Currently the opening is for a stealth startup and for a period 3 months.

Key Skills : Angular 2, ASP.NET Web API, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Angular JS, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Education Skills :

- (UG - Any Graduate) AND (PG - Any PG Course, Post-Graduation Not Required)


- Candidate should have excellent problem solving skills with strong experience in Angular 2, ASP.NET Web API, C# and SQL Server. Good communication and leadership skills are desired.

- Package of INR 20,000 - 25,000 per month and the development is projected to last for 3 months.

Company Profile :

ONS Travel Solutions India Private Limited (- ONS India- or - Company- ) is a Travel Services Marketplace company.

The Co-Founders of the Company hail from a strong background in Travel and Consulting Services with rich on-ground experience in executing a typical Travel Services Agency for over five years. Stemming from our experience in servicing a typical Travel Services Agency, we are giving a revolutionary view to the complete functional chain of delivering the travel services to consumers by the use of technology through development of a Unique Proposition.

TraCarta's solution is simple and aims at providing a feature packed platform to put the power and beauty of technology in the hands of Travel services provider giving them access to a potential customer base of over 200 million digitally connected Indians. This will enable them to offer their services with sale and fulfilment happening on a real time basis through TraCarta's platform. The solution is first of its kind in augmenting a culture where Sellers meet Buyers on a real time basis in the Travel Services space

Web Development

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Mobile IOS Android Web Development Finance And Healthcare

This is a remote work from home opportunity with a starting salary of guaranteed Rs 10,000 per month – which will escalade as the venture evolves.   Furthermore as a start-up partner you will get 25% profit sharing as long as you only stay with the venture going forward. This will be very lucrative in the long term.   Surely, you do not have to pay anything for the opportunity and this is not commission based.   In addition you can conduct this work from home by setting your own timing, location and duration.   There will be 4 others in the team including business managers.   There will be more ventures and better compensation in the future moving ahead.   Right now there are 2 start-up ventures: Jaydip Mukerji Medicine and Jaydip Mukerji Finance.   Jaydip Mukerji Medicine is a USA, India & global medical aggregators that connect doctors/ hospitals/ labs/ healthcare companies to clients and patients via online portal. The charge is $39 per month per user but is free for customers going forward. Similarly, Jaydip Mukerji Finance is a USA, India & global financial aggregator that connects small businesses to corporation in order to attain funding via this international online portal. The charge for the intermediately services is only $49 per month per user going forward.   Furthermore, there is additional revenue generation opportunities via multiple banner provisions moving ahead.   Please note that the project will take some time to launch as I am researching funding ecosystem, hiring, developing infrastructure, generating both business plans etc   Please share your thoughts, ideas, cv, website, profile and contact information.   Do you have a team or can you scale up the operations if necessary as the firm grows over time?


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I need a custom animated explainer about the “history of rocket travel,” to add to a presentation

I need a custom animated explainer about the “history of rocket travel,” to add to a
Keynote presentation on stage in front of an audience.
I will be talking over it, as it plays on the screen behind me, so…
This is a silent piece -- NO VOICEOVER, NO MUSIC.
Please note: the years indicated in the descriptions are only to describe the passage of time
to you, the artist, not to the audience. Please DO NOT include the years in the drawing!
1. Guy inventor builds a 3-ft rocket in his garage, which looks like it could be a firecracker,
with the cone top and tailfins in the back. (This is in 1940). He puts it on a little 5-foot launch
ramp and fires it off, sending it on a visual trajectory down field where it plops back to earth
50 feet away and explodes harmlessly, a total failure.
2. (Now it’s 1950, 10 years later) Two guys stand next to a 10 ft rocket, which they light with
a match to a fuse, which goes straighter into the air (120 degree angle) and disappears off
screen, leaving enough smoke and sparks to make them choke and cough.
3. (Now it’s 1960) and it’s a 50-ft rocket, launched from inside a control building.
4. (Then 1970) and it’s an Apollo rocket, rising slowly and majestically to go to the moon.
5. (Now it’s year 2200) and we see an enormous starship, cruising through outer space.
6. Finally, (it’s year 3000) and people step onto a transporter stage inside a spaceship, like
the one on Star Trek, then energize and disappear.
Each scene takes 5 seconds, then is quickly replaced, moving right-to-left, with the next
one, as if being swiped.
You may show the transition in terms of colors,Black and white to colors along with the progression of years.
Requesting NO ANIMATED HAND DOING THE DRAWING. Just the drawings and
animations themselves.No use of templates please.
Do not print any years or words for the whole piece – just the six scenes with simple
My hope is to work with an artist who can make these scenes easy to understand and make
them a fun with a humorous attitude.
If you can create this custom piece – 30 seconds in length, black and white – please
contact me

Multimedia Animation

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Required Job Portal Website in, Readymade welcome

I need a job Portal website where below feature will be there. Employer job posting, download Jobseeker resume upload, profile creation, apply Admin can track each and every thing And some point more 1. Marquee on top of page and give setting to enable and disable 2. if Admin will disable the employer then He will not able to do any action after login, there is a disable reason will populate on screen, same thing happen on job seeker also. 3. Give option to disable job posted by any employer/date wise/skill wise in bulk. 4. Simple Promotional email template for Job seeker/Employer with free text editor/Use class file 5. Email Promotional page to send email on the basis of skill and location/Use class file a. First it will check from job alert if there is no records then we will check skill and location from profiles b. User can create multiple job alert 6. Unsubscribe option from email notification, by default all Job seeker and employer will be subscriber after registration 7. Employer can send email to candidate from portal and email will sent for same with Apply and Reply Buttons 8. Job seeker can reply and apply job from portal (there is link also in email) as well as email sent only notification information, profile will not sent 9. There is a plan which will be create by admin, that would be come in package section, there is an option to make this free or paid, If Job seeker/Employer will pay, plan will auto change. 10. Admin can see all view/apply/reply which is done by job seeker and employer 11. Admin can post job on the behalf of any employer 12. On main page search section, please use auto complete text box with multiple help like as My Fixed budget is 7000 INR If you have ready made portal, that would be acceptable with changes.

Web Development

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Monthly Pay: Part Time Writers Needed, Rs. 12,000/Month

Hello, We need part time writers who can work from home. Here is how things will work. 

- You will need to write a minimum of 2500-3000 words a day. Article lengths can vary but a total of 2500-3000 words.

- Work is from Monday to Saturday each week.

- Original work WITHOUT any plagiarism.

- Be adaptable to write in different niche (we won't give too much technical stuff, but you need to know and be comfortable with things like what an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Note is)

- Communication and commitment to deadlines a must 

- ONLY and ONLY bid if you're committed to this.

You are allowed to take a maximum of 5 days of leave a month, which should be notified at least a day in advance. 

You will need to complete minimum 2500 words a day. Each month, you will be paid Rs. 12,000 INR. To see if things are going well, we suggest you to bid for 7 days of work - meaning working 6 days, or Rs. 2,750. That would be the first week to see if we are the right fit. Once we see how it works, we can go for a monthly contract. 

Unlimited, Long term work. 

P.S. - Please understand it would take around 4 hours of your day minimum to complete this. Only bid in if you can manage that time. Also, please be responsive - we get plenty of applications but if you aren't responsive that's an immediate red flag for us. 

P.S. - I repeat, 2750 INR is for 6 WORKING DAYS - which means you roughly get around 400-450 INR a day and have to do 2500-3000 words each day. Please also note words and articles required given just as placeholders below since the amount will vary.

Article Writing

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I need Japanese Freelance Transcribers for Lyrics transcription

Japanese Song Transcription project (source to source).

We will be receiving Japanese songs from our end client on an online tool. These songs should be transcribed and delivered back to the client via the online tool. Transcribers will be given a spreadsheet with the song names, its URL/links, deadlines, and other details. Transcribers will accordingly transcribe-proofread the allocated songs and deliver them to us via email. We will then upload the files on the client’s online tool.

Rate/Payment Terms:
The rate for the project will be per song. There might be a pop song as small as 2 minutes versus a lengthy rock song of 9 minutes – but know that mostly all songs have intro/outro music and repetitive chorus sections.

About Us: 
Voxtab is a leading provider of English transcription services across the globe. We are a brand of Crimson Interactive, one of the world’s foremost innovators of language solutions.Innovation is not simply a marketing strategy for us; it is a value we live by. We have a strong client base of over 40,000, including prestigious universities and institutions spanning 67 different countries.
We have created a presence in Japan, the USA, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Korea, Middle East, Brazil, Germany, Russia/CIS, and India.
And that’s just the beginning.

Crimson Interactive is a leading ISO-certified organization (ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2008) providing Japanese and English language solutions to academicians, researchers, and corporate clients globally. We have served more than 50,000 clients from various geographies like Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany, Korea, the U.S., and the U.K., and are proud to be among the top 3 editing players in Japan. We have also partnered with Maruzen (Japan’s largest academic publisher) and Dai Nippon Printing (DNP; the world’s second largest printer and publisher) for their editorial and translation needs.


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Bills payment online

This will be a website for 2 African first year university student and will be for African living in Africa and outside of Africa. The name will be KONOGOYA. We (two of us) would like to create a multilingual (English and French with possibilities to add more languages in the future) online bills payment website and an app if possible. Each subtitle is a secured payment page to a unique company and possibility to add more company to each categories and subcategories. We want to be able to host the website before it's grow from our own personal laptops. Easy to modification and update by ourselves as we do not have budgets for someone to do them right now. We are looking for a budget website nothing expensive in price. With a debit, all credit card, visa debit, amex, PayPal and many other payment methods friendly and easy add up to the website. People are able to select their respective countries and enjoy the Manu. COUNTRIES SÉNÉGAL MALI CÔTE D'IVOIRE BURKINA GUINÉE RWANDA MAURITANIA SOMALIA MANY MORE TO BE ADDED The following Menu is the same for each countries Menu Categories: Electricity payment: Pay as you Monthly Water: School payment: Monthly Trimestriel Semester Yearly Airtime top up (cell phone top up): Orange Malitel Possibility to add more names Électroniques and accessories Subtitles to be determined Courses TBD Groceries Stories TBD Tailors To be determined Easy to customize ourselves and add more categories and subcategories.

Website Design

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Home Based Korean Customer Service

Are you a native Korean, living in Korea, with conversational English language knowledge? Do you have great communicational skills and enjoy answering questions and supporting customers? If both your answers are yes, than we are looking for you! We are searching for new colleagues to join our Korean home based team, on long-term base. Come and challenge yourself in our international, cloud customer service team! 
 Job responsibilities: ·        Answering phone calls and incoming messages in Korean language, in a timely matter, ·        Due proper administration through client’s CRM system (ticketing system)  
Agent Requirements: •       Native Korean and conversational English language knowledge
•       Solid computer skills, precision of data entry  
•       Excellent written and spoken communication skills in Korean
•       Customer orientation and problem solving skills
•       Customer Service/Support experience with Korean customers
•       Able to work minimum 3 hours per day, in business hours in Korea, between 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri
•       Attend training: provided by CloudAgents and our partner 
•       Work type: Part-time work from home, freelancer partnership (30 days probation period)  
Work Environment Requirements: Quiet workplace (tasks are delivered from the comfort of the help-desk agent's home)
USB Headset (separate microphone and loudspeakers are not good enough to manage calls)
Computer or Laptop with Windows operating system and broadband internet connection (mobile internet is not good enough to manage calls)

Training Method: We use cloud based call center technology - You need to download our call handling system, which needs to be tested.
We train all of our agents online before the beginning of any project
We mentor our agents and monitor their progress
If you are interested to join our team please send and e-mail with your CV to:

Phone Support

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Content Writers Needed : 12k inr per month

*Indian Writers ONLY please*

Hello, We need part time writers who can work from home. Here is how things will work. 

- You will need to write a minimum of 2500-3000 words a day. Article lengths can vary but a total of 2500-3000 words.

- Work is from Monday to Saturday each week.

- Original work WITHOUT any plagiarism.

- Be adaptable to write in different niche (we won't give too much technical stuff, but you need to know and be comfortable with things like what an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Note is)

- Communication and commitment to deadlines a must 

- ONLY and ONLY bid if you're committed to this.

You are allowed to take a maximum of 5 days of leave a month, which should be notified at least a day in advance. 

You will need to complete minimum 2500 words a day. Each month, you will be paid Rs. 12,000 INR. To see if things are going well, we suggest you to bid for 7 days of work - meaning working 6 days, or Rs. 2,750. That would be the first week to see if we are the right fit. Once we see how it works, we can go for a monthly contract. 

Unlimited, Long term work. 

P.S. - Please understand it would take around 4 hours of your day minimum to complete this. Only bid in if you can manage that time. Also, please be responsive - we get plenty of applications but if you aren't responsive that's an immediate red flag for us. 

P.S. - I repeat, 2750 INR is for 6 WORKING DAYS - which means you roughly get around 400-450 INR a day and have to do 2500-3000 words each day. Please also note words and articles required given just as placeholders below since the amount will vary.

Article Writing

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I need customization in an existing CI project


I have a multi hotel rooms booking system website I want to have few customization in it. So please read the following requirements and let me know your estimate. I want to start it now/today at any cost. Reply if you are free to start it now.

Note: many modules are developed. You just need to add few things or subtract few things from the existing module.

  1. Hotels Page as Rooms Page Template
    I want to show the rooms directly instead of hotels

  2. Hotel Details as Room Details Page Template
    I want to show the room details directly instead of hotel with Book option and availability calendar

  3. SMS Module Integration on Booking
    I want to add SMS module to send SMS on booking to the "Bookie", "Hotel Owner" and "Site Owner". This module should available in the Email Template module in admin panel. So that the custom message can be designed with short-code.

  4. Email Template
    In email template, there should be an option to design with short-code for booking. Where the editor should available for "Bookie", "Hotel Owner" and "Site Owner". So we can design the custom message for each user. 

  5. Package Template Module
    I want to create templates my own to show on home page, where I can redirect the visitors to show the filtered rooms having the specific package only. 

    Ex: I am creating a package for "COUPLES". Then I assign to a room. Then I want to show the thumbnail with tag as couple in home page. When the user will click on the link, it will redirect the user to the ROOMS page, where only the "COUPLES" packaged rooms will be displayed. Then the user will go to the details page and book the room.

  6. Destination Template Module
    I want to create templates my own to show in pages, where I can redirect the visitors to show the filtered rooms having the specific destinations only. 

  7. Add more Filters in Rooms Page
    I want to add filters like:
    "package names", "amenities/facilities".

  8. ATOM Payment Gateway integration

Web Development

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Data visualization designer

Effectively manages dependencies and constraints across the projects, departments, regions and countries in the programme

Expert in PowerPoint, but not bound by its constraints. Willingness and experience, leveraging other software and techniques for communicating data driven stories

Create clear, vivid visualizations and interactive graphical experiences based on our industry leading consumer data insights for brands and retailers

Responsible in managing programme stakeholder relationships (including external vendors/ suppliers) and expectations as well as aligning the programme to the overall roadmap and strategy of the bank

Responsibilities include project implementation and support across the entire lifecycle of a project including activity (questionnaire/guide) design, activity fielding (programming, field management etc.), data analysis, reporting and results delivery

Push your creative limits, challenge established thinking, advocate for users, and discover new ways of approaching a problem

Identifies, manages and mitigates risks that would impact the overall portfolio's success, making and agreeing suitable mitigation trade offs as needed

Effective analysis and synthesis of data after research studies have fielded, with an eye to relating findings to the client’s strategic business objectives

Anticipates possible conflicts and difficult interpersonal situations and takes steps to avoid them manifesting

Key Qualifications:
* Excellent visual design, typography, layout, and color sensibilities and skills

* Expert proficiency with Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop and other design tools

* Working knowledge of responsive design, mobile app design, HTML5 and CSS3

* Demonstrated ability to create innovative designs along with enough flexibility to adapt to existing branding

* A deep understanding of the visual language associated with data visualization and systems UI design

* Extreme detail-orientation with an obsession for consistency

* Ability to initiate and lead design discussions, and demonstrated experience in collecting and using feedback

* A true collaborator and good teammate, able to work independently but relishes our tight knit team identity

* Minimum 3-6 years experience in the design industry

* Experience owning and driving projects to completion

* A stellar portfolio. Applications without a link to an online portfolio will not be considered 

Desktop Applications

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Full stack PHP programmer

This is the opening for Full stack PHP programmer ongoing work of 200 hours for $750 to $1,200 a month.
Change your life! READ IN FULL (Only individuals - NO agencies NO companies)
Lifetime opportunity for a stable income with an American company from Florida. 
* It is important to us that you pay attention to details and we ask that you start sentences/lines with a capital letter + use only big "I" to describe yourself (never use "i"). Even on the chat.*  Can you do that?

Read and RESPOND to EVERY point and rate is 1 to 10 (highest). If you write a too high of a number, we will be disappointed.

1. Your level of spoken English? Written English?
2. Internet speed? Can you share screen & talk most of the day?
3. How often do you have computer interruptions?
4. PHP programming level (1-10)?
5. Creating responsive sites (1-10)?
6. What can you do in WordPress?
7. DB experience (1-10)? Explain
8. Bootstrap level (1-10)? What tools do you use?
9. Can you work: 2 pm to 12 pm IST (5 days a week)?
10. Do you have quiet working environment? Home or office?
11. Any experience with ecommerce? Which one?
12. Are you associated with an agency or a company?
13. List your best skills
14. API connection level (1 to 10)?
15. Firebase experience (1 to 10)?

Note: this is NOT a project - this is an ONGOING 40+ hrs a week job. You should be making $1,500 NET to your pocket (we pay the fees) by the end of year 1.

Web Development

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installing data agrigation tools on a VPS and configuring backend GUI control for it.

Analytics Machine backend system:

Phase 1/A: We have the right to request 4 medium work size amendments
Create graphics of the project below… no real development should be done… we will change the graphics as much as possible until we agree on the final GUI for every thing…
Phase 1/B:
We have the right to request 4 medium work size amendments
This project is to:
Install PIWICK on our server

Install Social mention on our server

3-      Install Hootsuite on our server or connect it via the API
4-      Create a GUI dashboard to see and track all clients whom we give these services for.
5-      Integrate Google trends API to be able to embed Google trends into a client’s dashboard.
6-      Create a GUI for embedding analytics into clients dashboard.
Create graphics from clients finances generated from their site data  

The requirement is that each of the tools above generates graphical views of the data. The graphical view can then be embedded into the client’s analytics dash board.  (this will be tested before payment)

So the analytics and data runs on a hosted server. But the clients have their own VPS and domains. We want to generate the graphs for them that explains their reputation and data about their competitors… etc. ·        

On the client dashboard there will be a button for request analytics. This button will open a form and the client completes the request. That will appear on the analytics dashboard as notification.

Back end explanation:

Tabulated control of client’s products queries and payments should be developed.

The analytics server user must have a simple GUI. This interface will allow him/her to do the following:
  1. Create secure analytics that will be displayed graphically and embedded into the client dashboard. But the client cannot pull, parse or re-embed the data.
  2. Manage Client subscriptions to the service
  3. Manage client analytics new requests, support and messages.
  4. Monitor each client e-commerce site (user interaction front end, user interaction back end, data, finances, sales… etc).
Please note: You will get the installation tools and files or API access from the providers not me... you will need to work using the trial versions. after you are done and we do the first quick test. i will pay for the full licence of these tools and software and you can complete the development using the full version of these tools...

Phase 1 payment is done after testing that all analytics works and GUI for managing and creating them also works. Please do not request payment before completing the full phase + amendments.

Application Interface Design

More Information

Viral Content Writing like viralnova/buzzfeed/innamag

We are looking to hire some US based US English language writers to create articles about interesting and emotion evoking topics on tech, funny, weird, life, news, etc. All with Video.

You should be able to provide catchy and clickable titles so that the title itself has a very good CTR. It should be inviting and emotion provoking itself to make the reader click on it out of curiosity. 

You should be able to search unique, funny, emotional which is also very important and write an article compiling your research.

With a short content about 50-200 words for each video.

Here are some examples of articles we are looking for:

Some requirements for this job:

- MUST be a US native speaking writer.
- Write attention grabbing titles that evoke the reader’s emotion.
- Perfect Written English that includes grammer, punctuation, sentence structures and choices of words.

You aren’t allowed to sell, reproduce or otherwise distribute the produced content.

We will be selecting more than one person for this job.

We will be ordering 3 articles from each selected writer to begin with. Once we like your work, you will be put on a long term contract to create the content on regular basis. We want to work Long Time.

If you are interested, please answer the following questions in NUMBERED FORMAT:
1. Where do you live, and what is your native language.
2. What relevant writing experience do you have? (ie video review, video description, blog posts, viral content etc.)
3. Give some examples of related writing to showcase your relevant talent.
4. What would your rate be per 100 word average article, with title?

Here are general specifications for any article:

• 10-20 Article per day(100 word average article, we will provide source content)
• Creative Viral Content & Title.

Article Writing

More Information

Need an E-Commerce Website - Phase 1 - Responsive front end mockup

Please read the full project details and the end you will find description for this phase of the project....
This phase of the project is worth 100 dollars there will be seven parts of this project.

This is a one page store and a backend CMS and control panel (English Arabic) (I can provide the Arabic translation of the English). Please read the full document attached to the end before sending a proposal to work on the project. it will development of:
Online Shop Control panel (responsive design)
The control panel must have Add Products and you can click on the product to delete or modify details. When adding a product in the control panel, you can add the details. . There are five product categories as follows:

Celebrity 1.      مشاهير sets 2.      تيورات Banquet 3.      سهرات weddings 4.      أفراح Other 5.      أخرى

Details for each product should be as follows:
  Price   Category   Offer   New collection   Offer corner Ribbon or Star   This is a automatic action based on the merchant selection     Product ID number  

The site dashboard must have a simple user interface that when adding a dress picture it automatically can fix the picture dimensions. There should be an Icon for CMS Control Panel, Icon for Sales control Panel

CMS Control Panel (responsive design): The merchant can add or change the background by uploading an image. The system will see if the image has a suitable resolution or no (if not it will be rejected).

  • The merchant can amend the terms and conditions from here.
  • The merchant can add a user for the online shop control panel.
  • The merchant can change the Logo from here.
  • The merchant can change the colour of the top ribbon from here.
Sales Control Panel (responsive design): The sales control panel has a table of all the orders. It must have the following ability:
  • Search ability into any field by anything.
  • You can view rows for one specific sales person or one specific QC person or one specific client and so on.
  • No sales person can see any other sales person clients but the QC can see all.
  • Each line or record is colour coded as per the stages of the sale.
  • The data fields are as follows:
Below is a list of the data fields:
  • Name of client,    From purchase details    Auto
  • Email,    From purchase details    Auto
  • Phone number    From purchase details    Auto
  • Method of payment,    From purchase details    Auto
  • link to Geo-location of client,    From purchase details    Auto
  • link to open the order PDF,    From purchase details    Auto
  • status of the order,    New, Placed, Arrived, Delivered, Disputed    Sales
  • supplier details     Manual input from sales person    Sales
  • Hyper link to supplier    Hyper link placed manually from sales person    Sales
  • Order number from supplier    Manual input from sales person    Sales
  • date of purchase,    From purchase details    Auto
  • expected date of delivery,    Manual input from sales person    Sales
  • Allocated sales person.    Automatic field based on the Sales user login (from drop down menu) the sales person can only select their name    Semi-Auto
  • QC check by    Automatic field based on the user login (from drop down menu)    QC
  • QC check status    Order placed, Order arrival, Order delivery, dispute closed.     QC
  • Sales person / QC person notes    Notes field once notes are added and saved and closed cannot be deleted. Next time you can add more notes. Each time you add notes it is time stamped. And who added them also automatically stamped    Sales/QC
  • Charity donation    Collected, Delivered, client notified.    QC
  • Dispute    Open Dispute, Closed dispute    Sales/ QC
  • Each line of the sales control panel will change colour as follows;
    • When the order is new the row is white
    • If 24 hours pass and any of the following fields are not updated: status of order + supplier details + , expected date of delivery. Then the row becomes Yellow.
    • If they are updated the row colour becomes Orange (until QC check is updated). Once updated it becomes Light orange
    • The row remains in light orange until the order arrives it becomes bright orange.
    • If the order is disputed or is later than the expected date of arrival the row colour changes to bright RED
    • If the order has arrived and is bright orange then it remains like that until it is delivered. Then it changes to bright green
    • It remains bright green until the QC check status is updated it then becomes grey.
  • About the Master User:
  • Master user can Edit any field. ·        
  • Master User can view statistics of sales people and QC people and over all on a separate page with a separate log in… ·        
  • The merchant can add a sales person details for the Sales control panel (New user)
  • The merchant can add QC check person details for the Sales control panel (New user)
  • The merchant can block a user or change their password
  • Security:
    • You cannot copy from the table only specific fields as follows:
    • status of the order, supplier details, Hyper link to supplier, Order number from supplier, date of purchase, expected date of delivery, Allocated sales person. QC check by, QC check status, Charity donation
App design (responsive design) (OPTIONAL): Because all interfaces are responsive designs. This project has an extra requirement to design an app that is actually a browser locked to the login address that has an auto SSL to the login sites for the Master, Sales and QC people. (iOS and Android and Windows)
An additional requirement is to create another app that is a web browser that automatically opens the online shop store and uses the user login credentials.

Contact Us: The contact us tab should be part of the pull down menu and as a small link at the copy write content in the footer of the page. It must have a back to the main page button and the following:
  • Whats app
  • Land line Phone number
  • Digital Form to email that generates an auto response
  • Google maps for the physical store location
  • Live chat connected to a Gmail account
Online Store (responsive design): The online store is a one page store. Where the background will be provided.

The top and lower site ribbons (banner) should be selected as one of the background colours. The background should be static and the content should be able to slide up and down. The logo will also be provided.

There will be grid display of the dresses. Once a dress is clicked it is enlarged and the following appears:
  • List of dress colours options on the right
  • Dress size options to the left
  • buttons below appear.
  1. Back arrow (if clicked the user goes back to the grid)
  2. Add to basket (if clicked it is added to the basket)
Top ribbon has the main ribbon containing (logo, name and Menu drop list)  
The site must have a sort option that can sort the items as follows: (Price, Latest, Most selling)

Lower ribbon under has two buttons chat and number of items in Basket (the basket button is also the checkout button)
  • If the customer hits checkout the list of dresses show with their price and remove from basket button or change colour or size. And a button for dress amendments.
    • If the customer hits the Request amendments (Then a text box for any notes for any amendments on the dresses).
    • The customer can hit next and it will request the following details
      • Name of client, Email, Phone number
      • Method of payment (paypal, mastercard, visa, google wallet, or contact me for payment for the customers to add contact details…)
      • Then select the location from a google map
    • Returns policy statement will show and “I agree button”.
    • After the “I agree button”
      • A list of the details of the purchase will show as a receipt and it will also be sent by email as a PDF. The receipt will have a thank you note and an automatic purchase ID.
      • An email will be sent to the merchant’s sales email with the order details
      • A new record will be added to the sales control panel
Additional Notes:
  • The site has a register with us section
  • As a start there will be provided with 10 products for each category.
  • The purchase and payment always uses SSL and capacha
  • The project will be built and payments work as follows:
    1. Workable Mock-up delivered in 4 days from agreement. If 70% agreement + Price agreement is achieved first payment is made (25%) and the mock-up is delivered. Move to stage B
    2. Amendments will be provided in an A0 PDF format with arrows and explanations. The full site is made on the developer’s server in 4 days. Move to stage C
    3. This is classed as Alpha phase. On the developer’s server, end user testing will begin. And amendments will be provided.
      • If amendments are agreed (25%) payment is made. The work is shifted to the client’s server and we move to stage D
      • If amendments are not agreed (25%) payment is made. The work is shifted to the client’s serve and project is closed.
    4. The developer has 4 days to finalise all project requirements. The update is shifted to the client’s server and (12%) payment is made. And the work updated on the clients server. (This will be known as beta phase) and stability must be tested for one month. During that month the developer must be committed to fix any bugs on the product following the fix the remaining payment of (13%) is made
    5. The developer is bound by 6 months support and further development. Every month 5% payment will be made. The further development will be as follows:
      • Integrate + Perform any small client feedback amendments (one month = 5% payment)
      • Add social media to the site on a new tab + + Perform any small client feedback amendments (one month) (one month = 5% payment)
      • Search Engines Optimisation + Perform any small client feedback amendments (one month = 5% payment)
      • Add further graphs for the statistics of website traffic to where the master User can view statistics of sales people and QC people and over all on a separate page with a separate log in. + Perform any small client feedback amendments (one month = 5% payment)
      • Integrate Google analytics + Perform any small client feedback amendments
      • Online Marketing plan (SETUP ONLY) + Final Search Engine optimisation + Perform any small client feedback amendments (one month = 5% payment + project closing bonus)
      • All data bases for analysis and data collection must be ONLY and ONLY on client server where secure access can be granted and revoked by the client at any time. Any violation of that will be treated as a Hack and steeling of data and will be followed by legal action.
      • All feedbacks for amendment should be done without extra cost.
      • Important note: delays in the timeline will incur deductions and if the delay of 2% per day in section (A, B, C and D of the project) and 0.5% per day of section E of the project. If the delay deduction is greater than 50% of the section payment then the developer will have to deliver all raw work done so far for less than 50% settlement of the latest segment stage of the project in 24 hours else the developer will need to deliver the full segment for free (this can be done by us giving the work to another different developer of our choice and charging the bill to the original developer).

Design Preferences:
I prefer that you will not use wordpress butHTML5 responsive design. If you will use any technology such as Magento / Woo-commerce / Prestashop / OpenCart / Custom (LAMP / MEAN Stack) please explain in your proposal before using the technology.

How to submit a proposal:

Because many developers copy paste a generic text they prepared 100 years ago I hate them. I hate the developers who do not read the full details and understand all requirements. To give a proposal please:

  1. 1-      Write a confirmation of agreement and full understanding of all headings of this document:
  • (How many headings are there???? Did you count???
  1. 2-      Make a table of the project plan, project timing and payment: 
  • This is too simple I already detailed it… you only need to make a table with the task, time, cost.
  1. 3-      For every task please show me an example of your past work so that I can believe that you can do it… 
  • If you do not have past experience in every task do not apply. 
  • Make the examples of the tasks in the same table of point 2.

This phase of the project is to make a responsive Mockup front end design for:
  • Bespoke built from scratch e-commerce website as explained above (not from any template)
  • Bespoke built from scratch e-comm control panel website as explained above (not from any template)
  • Bespoke built from scratch sales control panel website as explained above (not from any template) 

Best of luck on your pitch.


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