Faq Freelancing

Q. What is the process?

  • 1. Sign Up on this page
  • 2. Our team will contact you
  • 3. Start your UDAANSKILL FREELANCE Program

Q. When do I start earning?

A. Our experience is that students start earning money soon after the successful completion of the course & attainting 90% above in assignments& assessments.

Q. What if I don’t earn money as a freelancer?

A. IF you have 90% attendance, submitted your assignments before the deadline, finished every project with passion, then it’s our responsibility to make sure you are getting online jobs. We’ll do all in our power to make you into a successful freelancer!

Q. Why freelancing?

A. Freelancing is absolute freedom. It is a lifestyle that allows you to work where you want, when you want, with whom you want.

We are at the forefront of a new way of living. Our tribe grows everyday as the world freelancing is shaping, transforming and creating the very future of employment itself.

Q. Why online?

A. Our life is not determined by borders nor personal limitations. Technology transcends us above our god-given characteristics: country, color, religion or class. We are nobody and we are everybody. Our community fights for a new mode of existence. One where all citizens will claim their freedom.

UDAAN SKILL is DIPP recognized start-up under start-up India initiative (DIPP3607) and presently incubated at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. We are also an official Training Partner of Smart NSDC (PMKVY).