Meritorious poor students who apply for the course in Karunya University in graduation/ post graduation
Last Date : 31/08/2017
Karunya University Scholarships

Karunya University is providing various scholarships for students applying for Undergraduate programmes, post-graduate programmes, Integrated and Research programmes. The college has built up a total amount of Rs. 10 Lakhs to be offered as scholarships, every year apart from the endowments instituted by the individuals in memory of their relatives and in addition to an amount of Rs. 50,000.00 contributed by the alumni association to support the scholarship scheme.

A. Jesus Calls Scholarship
Fifty percent of amount (around Rs. 5 Lakhs) offered as loan scholarship to the poor students under this scheme.

B. Karunya Scholarship
The other fifty percent (around Rs. 5 Lakhs) is offered as loan scholarship to the meritorious poor students under various categories as listed below. Loan Scholarship to the meritorious poor students

(a) Academic Excellence based on merit - max 15%

(b) Physical excellence based on sports - max 15%

(c) Spiritual Excellence - max 15%

(d) All rounder - Balance%

C. Endowment Awards

(a) Dr. Johnson Victor award for the best civil Engineering student (b) Best Spiritual students award, one to each branch of study (8) students (c) Best outgoing students award (i) Male student (ii) Female students

D. Ivan Thomas award for Best student in the Mathematical subject
E. Kodaikanal Jeyaraj Award as loan to poor students
F. Diana Beltricks Award & Jeeva Patric Award for Best outgoing girl students
G. Jeganon Diagou Award and Ajit Thomas Award to the overall best final year student
H. Dr. Gurubathani award for the best student

Last Date: 01/01/1970

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