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FreeWill Training Pvt. Ltd. offers learning solution to individuals seeking head start in their career or wishes to climb up to the top jobs in their organization.
At FreeWill Training Pvt. Ltd. we prepare world class leaders in the field of software technology and its application. Improving your technical knowledge is a major plus on your CV. It can enhance your chances at securing a job, promotion, placements in global companies and higher salaries, all through practical and real time training.
We Offer Result Oriented Practical Approach to Learning

Our learning and training methods focus on practical activities, because we mainly aim on sharpening industrial and application oriented skills, instead of simply providing information you can get from books. All of the techniques of teaching used are innovative and guarantee results.We know because our trainers have received recognition from a major MNC, for the delivery of high quality performance training for their big technology based projects. We shape our student into global leaders who are capable of being at par with and even exceeding the standards of developed countries.

We Ensure You Have an Edge

Students trained at FreeWill Training Pvt. Ltd. gain the unique advantage of training in real-time business environments. The training process involves a very hand on approach that ensures each student acquires experience in handling all kinds of business. We also provide short term professional courses to help develop soft skill that will come in handy for business and personal requirements.

We Welcome Both Students and Professionals

Our goal at FreeWill Training Pvt. Ltd. is to provide students with the means of boosting their talent and enrich their knowledge. This way they have a shot at achieving their aspirations, utilizing their full potential and coming on top as the victor in the competitive IT industry worldwide. We train everyone from a fresher who’d like to start of his career with a bang, to experienced candidates longing to reach the top of the corporate ladder.

Our Aims & Objectives

FreeWill Training Pvt. Ltd. offers nothing but the best in advanced computer technology. This allows candidates to have sufficient skills in software creation and operation, technical know-how and productivity in terms of individuals and organizations.



Our core values include:

Vision: “To excel in the field of education, by producing global leaders through world-class training.”

We constantly work on our curriculum to offer students sufficient awareness and exposure to the IT and business industry and the cutting edge technology they use. The span of each course is reviewed regularly to include advanced technological systems, programs and methods of training. This way we plan on attaining our vision of becoming the best educators and global leader developers. It also helps us improve quality standards of our education system.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Many training institutions make big claims, but when put to work can’t come close. With so many institutes trying to steal your money, why should you trust us? Well, first we aren’t just any institution! We are the training division lead by the trainers who have been able to prove their capabilities with the elite of a group of companies, so you know we’re legit. Plus this link keeps us updated about the various kinds of technical skills demanded. This in turn helps us develop courses that will enable you to acquire the skills the IT industry desperately needs Each course taught is the product of extraordinary teamwork of experienced professionals who are well known in the world of IT and allied industries. FreeWill Training Pvt. Ltd. delivers training in computer technology, soft skills and vocational skills so each student is equipped with a competitive edge in the employment market. The innovative training methodology we use offers students’ clarity of concepts, contexts and techniques used in real life. Hypothetical case studies and performing practical work helps with the process. All of our courses include live projects at the end of the training program. They will work under our guidance for real clients in the area of work that interests them. This way, students gather insight and experience the challenges of their line of work in the real work environment Curriculum designed and delivered by best in the IT industry


To survive in the corporate world you need high quality skills. It is the survival of the fittest out there and you can only make it and get noticed with a good set of skills.
FreeWill Training Pvt. Ltd. trains students for the software industry and government organizations too, with quality education and cost effective training. Each course can be customized to meet an institute’s or organization’s demands. We have the largest collection of professionals from varied industries ready to help all our candidates in whatever way they can. Another thing we do is to provide corporate organizations with skilled employees capable of identifying opportunities and reducing threats and weaknesses.
Our Corporate Training courses are segregated into the following batches:


Languages and Technical Aspects Delivered: Office Automation (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) OS and Networking(Window 2008 to Window 2012) Storage (DAS,NAS, HP,EMC) Cyber Security, Cloud Computing , Virtualization SharePoint services(2010,2012,2013) Development And Admin Data warehousing ( Informatica, Cognos, Business Objects, Data Stage, OWB, OBIEE, Abinitio ) Java, Advanced Java (Spring, Hibernate, JPA, SOAP, SOA, OJB, Web services ,JQuery) .NET (2008, 2010, 2012) IBM Mainframe,AS400,Cobol 400 and RPG 400 Embedded Systems(Micro-controller, VLSI, Device Drivers) SAS,SPSS,R CCNA ,CCNP ,CCI MCSE ,MCITP, Telecom (Cellular Networking) Applications, Content, Media & Service Control Training Courses Cloud Computing Training Courses IP in Telecoms Training Courses LTE and Advanced Communications Training Courses Modern Telecommunications Training Courses WiMAX Forum Training Courses PHP Enterprise (Open Source) Oracle -SQL/PLSQL, D2K(Forms & Reports) RDBMS Fundamentals Oracle DBA 9g/10 g/11g/12C UNIX /Linux Administration Redhat Security and Administration, Virtualization MATLAB, VLSI, Embedded Systems Solaris 10 Administration SAP ERP MYSQL/ SQL Server 2008/12/13 Android/IOS,Sencha touch

Training Expertise

We take immense pride in our training abilities. FreeWill Training Pvt. Ltd. is proud to have a team of highly knowledgeable and qualified professionals who have hands-on experience in the corporate world. As a result, our professionals bring a perfect amalgamation of soft skills and technical skills that have a positive effect on your bottom line. Our trainers strive to attain the right balance between theoretical and practical learning, so that every single student comes away with a sense of achievement. Each course is customized to suit the needs and requirements of the client. So, this ensures tailor-made training solutions that are effective. Once the training finishes, students work either on live or demo projects to enjoy real-life business situations to hone their classroom learning and knowledge.

Project Consultancy

If you have an IT project, that needs designing, implementing or just managing to the point of delivery we will be able to provide the right level of resource to make it a success. We have experience of delivery project on various technologies like Microsoft, Java, Oracle, SAP, ERP based on client requirements.

Some of the clients recently delivered by our partner’s core management team leaders

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